Settled in

DahBoy likes to settle in above my head, when I am at my desk.

This is an odd time of the month.

It’s one of the things about having an income that comes in once a month. It may make budgeting easier, but by the end of the month, things start running out. Then we’re left with the question of, is it worth driving to town to pick up a day or two’s worth of stuff, or do we wait the few days until we can do the big monthly shop? It’s more of a thing in January, too, as December gets all mixed up because of Christmas, and we end up not doing the big monthly shop, since the days we normally would do it fall on New Year’s. Instead of a Costco trip, we buy locally, and the prices are so much higher, we end up not as well stocked for the month.

Which is a long way of saying that, despite the cold, one of my daughters and I ended up going into town to pick up a few things.

I am glad we did it yesterday instead of today, though. When I did my rounds this morning, it was “only” -27C (5 degrees warmer than yesterday, my weather app cheerfully tells me), but the windchill brought it down to -43C. By the time I was done, the temperature was the same, but the wind chill had dropped to -45C.

That’s -50F, for you folks in the US.

So… yeah. I’m real happy to be settled in, indoors, now, and not needing to go anywhere!

Some of the outside cats, settled into a sun spot in the sun room, watching me, watching them.

Heading out the Old Kitchen to feed the critters the last few days has usually found me trying to step my way through the same four cats; Doom Guy, The Outsider and Bob are the friendliest ones that accept pets, plus Rosencrantz (or Guildenstern), who sometimes allows pets while she is eating, but otherwise runs away.

This morning was no exception. At one point, I was stuck in the middle of the sun room, standing on one foot, bowl of kibble in one hand, pitcher of water in the other, while cats swirled around my boot.

For the first time, I found their heated water bowl completely frozen. When I knocked the ice out, there was barely even a film of water at the bottom. This, even though the bowl had been refreshed with warm water at about midnight.

With the colder temperatures and snow, my rounds have gotten shorter; I no longer walk all the way around the yard anymore, but straight to various things I need to check. One of those is the trail cam at the gate. I switch out the memory card every morning. Normally, I make a point of triggering the motion sensor before and after changing the card to make sure it’s operational. With the cold temperatures, the batteries start to fail, and if they get low enough, it shuts itself down. When I was doing more extensive rounds, I usually had 3 cats following me. These days, I usually just have Butterscotch come join me by the time I’ve reached the trail cam, so triggering it to take video is easy. I just pick up a cat (or, if Beep Beep comes out, let myself get climbed by a cat) and snuggle them for a bit in front of the camera.

Which makes for some entertaining video, when I check the files later on. ๐Ÿ˜€

They do make it hard to change the memory card, though, because they do NOT want to be put down into the snow again!

This morning, I didn’t even do that. I need my fingers to be able to switch out the card, so I was wearing fingerless gloves. It was still difficult to change the card, partly because of the cold, more because my glasses frosted over and I couldn’t see.

Then I heard a meowing.

There was Butterscotch, running to come join me! I was just able to close the camera back up again and step away when she came running up to me and practically leapt into my arms as I bent to pick her up!

Then there was the challenge of making my way through the trees (I look forward to finishing clearing this area out!), back to the house, with a cat rolling around in my arms and frosted up glasses.

I only got tangled in tree branches once, and wandered off the beaten path twice. Even when I almost tripped on the snow, Butterscotch stayed in my arms. Usually, she jumps down shortly after I start walking, because she doesn’t like how I have to bend and bob around tree branches. Not this time! She stayed in my arms right up until I was back in the sun room, when I finally made her get down onto the blanket covering the cat cave we made for them

Hopefully, there will be no reason to go outside again, today! I’m more than happy to settle into turtle mode right now.

The Re-Farmer

8 thoughts on “Settled in

  1. We are in the same situation. Not quite as cold but still too cold for me to go out so we are trying to make due. Making for some interesting dinners and meals. Stay warm!

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