Critter(s) of the Day: Window cats

How much is that kitty in the window?

The one with the fluffy tail?

How much is that kitty in the window?

Please make him stop using his nails!

The little bean is finally as tall as my stuffed kitty, if still quite a bit smaller!

He is now very adept at getting to the window ledge. It’s a miracle the screen is still intact, as he goes after moths on the other side.

Nothing like waking up to the sound of claws on a screen.

Kitty Cuddles, and technical difficulties

First, the cute stuff.

My husband passed the furry little bean off to me this morning, while I was at the desktop. Dave promptly curled up in a ball and fell asleep on my chest, making the most interesting nose noises.

He then abruptly stood up, clambered up my shoulder, leapt across the chasm to my bed, and snuggled up to Fenrir.

He burrowed right into her fur and went back to sleep.

She didn’t even open her eyes.

That didn’t stop him from stretching out and luxuriating.

And twisting himself into this weird shape. That’s his bottom leg curled up in front. It’s like his head is coming out from under Fenrir, rather than attached to his body. 😀

Also on my bed was this furry black mama orb.

She typically ignores our new addition, but has been getting more accommodating; even a bit playful with him.

But cuddles?

This is a pretty huge new step in their relationship! 😀

As I was finishing up on my computer this morning, before heading into town for the afternoon, my husband came over to talk.

Our conversation was interrupted by a sudden, bizarre noise. I thought, for a moment, it was actually coming from outside.


It was coming from my computer.

Once we established that, we could figure out that it was coming from a fan.

So I shut it down, and my wonderful, darling husband opened it up for me while I was away.

It was a mighty battle, but he was able to defeat the dust bunnies that had taken up residence in there.

Both fans were cakes on pretty solidly!

By the time I got home, my desktop was once again running on silent mode. 😀

Ah, but the technical stuff didn’t end there!

My husband gifted me with his new phone. My own phone plan is done next month, and he realized that his new tablet meets his needs quite well. So we’re transferring his new phone to me, then when my contract is done, we’re going to just switch things with the provider, and drop a phone off our bundle. This will knock a substantial chunk off our mobile phone bill (which is crazy high, considering we barely get any signal where we live).

So several hours were then spent getting those switched and set up.

I’ve been using Samsung phones for many years. The new phone is an LG. The user interface is going to take some getting used to! 😀

As I did my evening rounds, however, I had opportunity to test out the camera. It’s a dual lens camera, and supposed to be one of the better cell phone cameras out there.

Looks like Guildenstern has moved Junk Pile cat out of the yard.

Or maybe they’re just visiting another junk pile.

Well… not really a junk pile. The kitten is hiding under a hood that is over a pallet that it’s attached to. It has a handle attached to it. I think it was built to be a sort of sled, to be dragged behind a snowmobile.

Guildenstern was watching me suspiciously!

I do wish they would just stay with the other cats and kittens. The kittens would play with each other, but Butterscotch and Beep Beep have both been going after and chasing away Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, lately.

Rosencrantz seems to have taken her baby some place well outside the inner yard. No sign of that one, since the one day we saw it by the junk pile.

Ah, well. Such is life with semi-feral cats!

As for the camera… well, so far, the digital zoom does seem to be better than my old camera phone.


The Re-Farmer

Critter(s) of the Day, and an update

Since we brought bitty little Dave into the house as a permanent addition, the other inside cats were not too sure what to make of this strange new presence!

Mama cat and DahBoy were mostly perplexed. Fenrir, on the other hand, was not a happy camper! She would hiss at him and sometimes even bat at him. Yet, she couldn’t seem to stay away from him, either, following him around all over the place, frequently.

He, on the other hand, was quite used to having large numbers of cats and kittens show up, so a few strange new cats wasn’t much of a big deal for him. He would sometimes run up to the other cats, much to their dismay, and had no problem pushing his way into their food bowls.

It’s been a week since he’s joined our household, at it seems we have reached a turning point.

Fenrir has gone from hissing at him, to at least accepting his nearby presence.

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Critter of the Day: Dave status

Our new indoor addition is settling in fairly well. He’s so tiny, we’ve had to supervise him rather closely, in case he got stuck somewhere. Plus, the other cats aren’t too keen on the new addition.

This is him next to my wireless phone charger. He can just barely clamber over it, when he wants to walk down the window sill. 😀

He looks almost regal and majestic, here.

This is more typical.

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When we decided to move out here and take care of the farm for my mother, we had some ideas of what to expect, and what we might do in the future.

We were not naive about it, though, and knew that things would have to change with circumstances.

One thing I did not even think of at all.

That we might become a cat sanctuary.

Now, this isn’t all that unusual. Every now and then, I’ll read something in one of the local papers, or see a news clip someone shared on Facebook, about farmers and the 40 or so barn cats that they take care of. Along with their cows and goats and chickens or whatever.

We don’t have barn cats. The house came with yard cats. My dad loved them, and taking care of them was just a given.

I think it’s gotten a bit beyond that, now. LOL

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My morning – in cats

It’s been cats, right from the start of my morning!

Are you up, yet?

I didn’t even get out of bed yet, when Fenrir claimed my wrist as a chin pillow while I checked my phone. I could just barely angle the phone to get this picture.

Her chin is so soft and warm on my wrist, I can’t complain, even if it does make it hard to check the weather for the day!

Where have YOU been, Jim?

While starting the cat stuff outdoors, a very dirty Big Jim came by.

Do I really want to know how he got black on him like that?

May I come out?

Beep Beep came over while I was securing the door from the outside.

May I come in?

A curious Big Jim! Checking on things while I washed out the kitten’s eye.

Jim has gone into the sun room with the kittens only once, that I know of, and the moms drove him out. This morning, this was as far as he dared go. 😀

The Re-Farmer

All charged up

How weird it’s been lately!

A couple of nights ago, it got cold enough overnight for the furnace to turn on, only to hit highs in the 20’s, half a day later!

Yesterday was supposed to be my day to finally get the mower out – which required taking the snow blowers out first, taking out the riding mower, then moving the snow blowers to the back of the shed until winter. I also made room by taking out the two broken push mowers my brother had tested. I stuck them in another shed at the old hay yard. There used to be a tractor in there, but that is one of the things that disappeared before we moved in.

Once the mower was cleared, I topped up the oil, filled the gas tank, checked it over and…

… it wouldn’t start.

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