Tissue needs a tissue! :-D

I got some Tissue cuddles. Not my usual feline cuddle partner, so I was really enjoying the snuggles. Hard to believe this was a yard kitten that wouldn't let us anywhere near her for the longest time! She still has some of her more feral habits, though, as you can tell by the scratches on … Continue reading Tissue needs a tissue! 😀

Melting and managing, and I GOT TO TOUCH IT!!!

Well, the forecasts have changed again. Instead of things starting to cool down starting today, we're now supposed to hit 33C/91F with a humidex of 40C/104F this afternoon, and hit 30C/86F over the next couple of days. Thunderstorm warnings are back for tomorrow, but now extending over two days. I really hope we do get … Continue reading Melting and managing, and I GOT TO TOUCH IT!!!


The cats spend most of their days, sprawled all over various surfaces, usually in bizarre positions, sleeping away the hottest parts of the day. None, however, can match David the Magnificent, in all his glory. He looks like he's broken! 😀 We've been trying to brush him as often as we can. Oddly, he has … Continue reading Melted

The watchers, and critter damage

This spot is, hands down, a favourite of pretty much all the cats... There had been three of them here, all sitting with their front paws at the window, watching the activities outside. Susan took off before I could get her in the picture. 🙂 They have plenty to watch out there! Butterscotch's kittens like … Continue reading The watchers, and critter damage