Not what I expected

After a lovely surprise, finding my dear friend had sent us a heated water bowl for the outside cats, we later opened my husband’s packages to see if the one he had ordered was in.

It was.

But it was not quite what I expected.

It turned out to be about half the size of the one my friend sent us.

Which is not that big a deal, but I found a label on the bottom.

Not for use with extension cords.

Considering how few outlets we have – with none at all in the sun room – I am not sure where we can use it.

I think this is one that will have to be returned.

Thanks to my friend’s generosity, we can do that and not worry about ordering another.

The outside cats, meanwhile LOVE the new water bowl. Though it is quite large, I found it empty by morning, so we’re going to have to makes sure it get refilled in the evenings.

The next thing on the list for there will be a chicken coop heater. The one we’ve decided on is a slim design that can’t be knocked over.

That’s if we need to get it at all.

The girls and I made the trip into the city today and picked up the rigid insulation (which turned out to be $3 per sheet more expensive than when we first looked it up online!). So we will soon be insulating the sun room windows for the winter, which will make a big difference in there. Even just having it in the van while we drove made a noticeable difference! We may end up not needing to add a heater at all.

When we can do it is another thing, though. Tomorrow, our new feline additions have an appointment with the vet for a little bit of a snip. I also want to hit the garage to have our van looked out. It turns out our province has a program for winter tire loans. We can get up to $2000 to cover tires, rims, sensors, installation, alignment – whatever is needed – and the payments are added on to our monthly insurance and registration payments. We can also choose to pay it back in as little as 1, or as many as 5, years. We have never been able to afford winter tires before, so I was happy to find out about this program. The qualifications for it are pretty basic; having a driver’s license in this province and being in good standing with the insurance company.

I called the garage to make sure they were on the program, since the insurance company’s website wasn’t clear on that. They are, and he explained to me how it works. Basically, I drop in at any time. They do a quick check of the vehicle to see what’s needed, and give me some quotes, based on what kind of tires I want. That should take about 10 minutes. The paperwork should take another 5 minutes. Once I’ve decided on which quote to accept, they make a work order, order the parts they need, and send the paperwork to the insurance company. I come back when they have the parts, and the job gets done. Next month, the payments start being made. With our current schedule, I can swing by for the first part tomorrow, but won’t be able to come back to get the tires installed until probably next week. Which should be fine; we’re not expecting any major snowfalls within the next couple of weeks. 🙂

I’m rather excited about getting this done!

It’s like being a grown-up or something. LOL

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “Not what I expected

    • It says 25 watts. The label also makes a big deal about “to prevent shocks” and making sure it’s plugged in right. Makes me wonder if the company has had issues with this before!


  1. I just saw the 25 watts specification on the box. Electrically speaking, the unit can use whatever extension cord you have laying around as it uses the same amount of power as a modern table lamp light bulb.

    I noticed the cord is somewhat “armored” and the box mentions rabbits. Rabbits *LOVE* to chew cords, so my wild guess is that the warning is for owners of animals that like to chew electrical cords.

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    • Yes, both bowls have the protected cords, which I definitely appreciate. I don’t expect the cats to chew on it, but cats aren’t the only critters we get visiting in there! LOL

      I figured it *should* be fine. We have 2 extension cords going through a window form the old kitchen to the sun room. One is an old household cord my dad used to use for a clock and his radio that we just left; the other is an outdoor cord I use for my power tools.

      I’m still thinking of returning it. The big heated bowl we now have holds about 3 times the water the old frying pans we have been using as a water bowls. So if we fill it completely, it’ll have as much water as all of them together. The cats (and skunk) would just have to take turns. 😉


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