Thoughts on being prepared

With all the crazy stuff going on these days, the price of food skyrocketing, and so many people losing their sources of income, all those "crazy preppers" out there are looking pretty vindicated! There was a time, not all that long ago, when everyone was encouraged to be prepared for emergencies - usually around the … Continue reading Thoughts on being prepared

Winter wonderland. Yeah. That’s it!

Oh, my goodness, am I even more thankful our neighbour happened by and cleared our driveway for us a couple of days ago! Because having this, on top of what was there before, would have been much harder to clear away with little Spewie! LOL Yes, that's our plowed driveway. Not even the deer have … Continue reading Winter wonderland. Yeah. That’s it!

Where’s the beef? Here’s the beef!

Yay!!! We got our quarter beef in today! It was awesome meeting the delivery in a parking lot, like we were doing some sort of drug deal. 😀 So, 125 pounds of packaged cuts, plus the extra breakfast sausages we picked up, fit into four boxes, which also fit perfectly into our little utility wagon. … Continue reading Where’s the beef? Here’s the beef!