Sick Kitty Fundraiser

Update: February 2022

A new fundraiser has been started. A wonderful woman connected with an organization that has been helping us get the cats fixed and adopted out, found out one of the inside cats was sick. She took her in, and took on getting her treated by a vet in the city. Poor Cabbages turned out to be much sicker than anyone thought, and it was a real mystery. If she had not taken Cabbages in, we would have lost her. As it was, it was very touch and go, but they pulled off a miracle, and as I write this, Cabbages is on the mend, and already has a forever home lined up for her.

When we found out that this saving angel was paying all the vet bills out of pocket, and had already spent Cdn$1200 in vet bills – something we could never have done – we decided to create a fundraiser to reimburse at least part of the final cost of vet care. A goal has been set for Cdn$1500, though the final amount will likely be higher than that, well all is said and done.

This fundraiser is a surprise to thank her for saving Cabbages’ life. You can read more about it by clicking here. You can also go directly to the fundraiser page by clicking here.

A still sick but recovering Cabbages says, “Thank You!”

You may have noticed a Ko-fi donation button at the top and bottom of this blog’s pages and posts. For those who are newer to the blog, you might be wondering why it’s there.

When we moved here, there were a number of cats living in the yard that my late father used to care for. We, of course, continued to care for them, along with our two indoor cats that moved here with us. This is something we were willing to do, even on our fixed income. How could we not? 🙂

Of course, over time, cats have a habit of expanding their numbers, though the realities of living in the country also meant cats would disappear, never to be seen again.

As time went on, for various reasons, we ended up bringing outdoor cats indoors. All the indoor males had to be fixed. Females cost twice as much to get fixed, so while we did get some done, others were brought indoors as population control. Others came indoors for medical treatment, or to recover from injuries. Most of these were pretty mild. At the time of this writing, we are currently at 16 indoor cats. We had hoped to adopt some of them out, but most people out here already have their own yard cats, and we have not had much success.

Then there was Ginger. Ginger’s injury was far from mild, and he ended up needing a leg amputated. Something beyond our fixed income budget could handle. For this, we turned to the kindness and generosity of our wonderful readers, and set up a fundraiser page. Between donations at the Ko-fi page, and others privately made, we raised the funds necessary for this major surgery. We chose Ko-fi because they allow for donations as low as $1 (it’s set in Canadian dollars), and they do not charge fees.

Ginger will be indoor cat number seventeen.

We have had people suggest we include a donation button – and even offering to donate – to help pay for taking care of the cats. For this reason, the donation page and button is staying active, even after Ginger has had his surgery.

We spend about $350-$400 a month on cat food and litter. The amount varies depending on whether we are able to go to the city to get it at lower prices, or if we have to buy it locally, where prices are much higher.

The cost of getting a female fixed is about $350. Males are about $175. We could potentially find better prices, but that would require transporting the cats much further than just to the next town.

Vet care for injuries, of course, can vary considerably.

Any donations will go ONLY to the care and feeding of the cats. It is imperative that we do not accept anything for ourselves, as that would put my husband’s disability payments – and the insurance that pays for his medications – at risk. So you can be assured that any gift for the kitties will go exactly to where they are intended!

If you are interested in donating towards the care and feeding of the cats, please feel free to visit the donation page. We are incredibly thankful for people’s generosity towards the fur babies!

Ginger, Keith, David, Susan, Two-Face, Cheddar, Layendecker, Saffron, Turmeric, Big Rig, Nicco, Tissue, Beep Beep, Fenrir, Cabbages, Rolando Moon, Butterscotch, Nutmeg, Creamsicle Jr., Rosencrantz, Junk Pile cat, the as yet un-named calico, and our old mama cat and her boy, are all thankful, too!

The Re-Farmer