Clean Up: Maple Grove, garden path

We had some much more pleasant temperatures today, so I headed out to do some work in the maple grove this evening.

After the tree care guy came to give us an estimate, I decided to focus first on clearing the old garden path.  Whether we hire these guys, or the company coming to give a quote on Monday, they will need to bring equipment in to access the trees they will be cutting clear from the power lines.  Good enough reason to start at the old garden path.

This is what it looked like before.


The deadwood on the ground here is partially cut, and it made up of several trees.  Elm and maple, from the looks of it.


This photo was taken back in May, and you can see where the path is supposed to be in the background.

I also worked my way along the north row of trees, bordering the garden, and heading towards the garden shed.  I started off by using the weed trimmer to take town the tall grass and weeds, so that I could at lease see the branches and trunks.

Then I started dragging stuff out.  This photo is of JUST the deadwood I pulled out of the grass.


Almost all of this is just from that blocked garden path!  Even after this, I kept finding more, as I walked back and forth and I would step on something.  I’d then go to pick up what I expected to be a small branch, often finding myself pulling out something 6-7 feet long, and completely buried in grass and leaves!

After I cleaned out the stuff already on the ground, I started taking out the dead spruces on either side of the path, and cut back the other trees that I had pulled the deadwood out of.  They were mostly dead, already.  I also took out another small dead spruce tree that was near the big dead one that will be coming down when we get the lines cleared.  I almost left a young elm to grow, until I clued in to how close it was to the big dead spruce.  I looked up and, sure enough, the elm was directly below the power lines.

So that had to go.

Along with the dead stuff, I also cleaned up some suckers at the bases of other trees, or growing out of stumps.  Some of those suckers had been growing long enough to almost be trees all on their own.  For the trees I took down, I left fairly tall stumps to make it easier to see them until I can cut them at ground level.  A fair bit is being left until my birthday present arrives. 😀

I finished off with the weed trimmer again.

Here are the after pictures.


A couple of the stumps near the centre of the picture were already there, hidden by the suckers growing out of them.  The old garden path is now open!

The big dead spruce tree that will come down is the one with the big rock next to it.  There is also a young maple kind of by itself there right now, and I will be cutting that down when my birthday present gets here.  It’s directly under the power lines, too, and already grown tall enough to almost touch them!


This photo was taken from near the big dead spruce tree.  The main garden area is completely overgrown, but it was so roughly plowed, mowing is not an option.  It’s not a priority right now.

There are three spruces next to each other, just right of centre in the photo.  I am hoping the one in the middle can be salvaged.  The other two are too far gone.

On the garden side, starting from about where those spruces are (I think they are Colorado blues), is the old row a raspberries.  It’s completely choked out with crab grass and weeds, and overshadowed by mostly dead trees, with a very few canes trying to grow.  Another area that is not a priority right now.  When the time comes, we plan to have a raspberry patch with three different varieties, including one with gold coloured berries, that mature at different times.  That way, we will be harvesting berries from July through September. 🙂

All in good time.


I plan to work my way down these two rows of trees, next.  Where the big rock is, is the garden tap.  It’s got a couple of dead trees by it, as well as a live one.  They will all come down to clear the tap, and the buried pipe that leads to the house.  I’m hoping the roots haven’t caused any problems.  I have yet to hook it up at the house end to test it out, since it’s barely accessible right now.

There are two old tillers that have been sitting there for years, one covered with a piece of tin, the other with an old rug.  They should still be salvageable, so I am hoping to be able to move them into a shed or maybe the barn, to get them out of the weather.

Once this area is done, I will turn my attention to the West side of the maple grove.  Lots of deadfall in there, too.

The really big job is going to be dealing with the trees to the North of the grove, that has been so densely planted with trees.

While doing this outside, I also will be working on packing up the old kitchen, so we can get that cleaned out and looking good again.  I want to get that done within the next week.  I’d like to be able to open the door and not worry about the cats getting int. 🙂

Lots to do!  🙂

The Re-Farmer

Resilient flowers

These flowers are growing near the fence line along our driveway.  I remember when my mother first starting planting flowers there, back when I was still a teen, and I had been wondering if any had survived.  The area is overgrown, with trees, as well as grass and weeds.  Sure enough, however, there is a whole row of flowers running near the fence line.  The red flowers are only at one end.

I am glad to see they have survived all these years. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

Trees: first quote


Goldfinch on our platform feeder.

I called two companies to get quotes about clearing our power lines, and removing the two trees that are a risk of falling on our roof.  One called this morning and will be coming out on Monday.  The other came today, so I have one quote now.

There are a LOT of trees that will need to be cut back.  There are the first group of trees in the south yard, the ones in the maple grove to the north of the house, the ones by the second power pole in the main garden, and finally the ones at the fence line as the lines exit the property.  One of the dead spruce trees will be taken down completely, as it is a risk for falling onto the lines, plus the two maples at leaning over the roof will be taken down completely.  They will be bringing a chipper for clean up, and after talking to him about that, I’ve said that we will keep the chippings.  He said the size of the chips are appropriate for composting, so that’s perfect for what I’ve got in mind for various areas.

Altogether, the quote is $1500 (plus, I assume, taxes, to about $1700 total).  For the number of trees they’ll be working on, I find this very reasonable, and we would be able to come up with the funds to get it done in the fall, rather than have to wait until spring.  Though when he saw the maple with the rot in it, he was visibly surprised that tree is still up, and was saying it might be better to not wait until fall!  I told him it’s been like that for years, and yeah, I’m in agreement with him on that.  But we will do it when we have the money.

So that’s one down!


Nuthatch on platform feeder.

After we get another quote on Monday, we will make a decision on which company to use and start setting aside funds.

I will be much relieved when this is finally done!

The Re-Farmer

So Excited

My husband is awesome.


Kind, loving, fantastic, thoughtful, romantic.

He knows what makes my heart go pitter patter!

He got me an early birthday gift.   Kinda.  It’s not in yet.

Today included a late in the day trip to the city.  I was going to wait until after Canada Day to do the non-Costco grocery shopping, but I’ve learned there is a 24 hr Walmart in the city (except on Sundays; they close at 6pm on Sundays) and I have a planned trip there later in the month, so I figured now would be a good time to make sure I know the route, get the things I need, and still manage to miss out on the holiday weekend crowds.

There also happens to be a Home Depot basically across the street from it.

So after going online and narrowing down my birthday gift to 2 versions, my older daughter and I went into the city to look at them in the store and make a final decision.

After checking out various areas, we never found any version of it.

Eventually, I found a staff member at one of the computer terminals, talking to a customer on the phone, so I waited until she was done, then asked her about it.  She looked it up on the computer and…

… it’s only available through online ordering.


But, she tells me, there’s free shipping.  Delivery or pick up.

I mentioned we lived an hour’s drive north of the city, so I wouldn’t want to make another trip if I could avoid it.  Would they send it to the post office?  She wasn’t sure.

In the end, I decided to order it (she let me use the store’s computer until it got to the part where it needed her associate’s number! 😀 ), plugged in our address and…

… does not accept box numbers.

Okay.  I took that out and left just our physical address.

Much to my amazement, it accepted everything.  At the end, it said that I would be notified by email when the order was ready to ship, and that I wouldn’t be billed until it was ready for shipping.


We finish up, I thanked the poor, overwhelmed staff member profusely (SO many people came to her while I was inputting our info!), then walked away, looking around for my daughter.

I happened to have my phone out, so I saw right away when I got a notification from my banking software, informing me that my purchase just went through.

Looks like it’s in stock and ready for shipping!

If they really will deliver right to our home in the sticks, I foresee many more online purchases in the future!

Meanwhile, this is what I’m getting.

It’s a telescoping pole chain saw that converts to a regular chain saw.


I was really torn.  This version has an 8 inch blade and is only 6 amps, but the pole can be removed completely, and convert to a little electric chainsaw.  The other one I was looking at had a 10 inch blade, 8 amps, and you could pivot the blade head for angled cutting.

Both types extend to 15 feet.  Both are electric.  The one with the 10 inch blade was more expensive, of course.

In the end, I felt the ability to convert to a small chainsaw would be more useful than the extra blade length and power, or the ability to angle the blade head.  We have been intending to get one of the multiple chainsaws in our garage fixed, and we will still do that, but this way it’s not as much of a priority.  I might get one of the push mowers fixed right away, instead.

I can hardly wait for it to come in!!

Did I mention my husband is awesome?

The Re-Farmer

Critters, and technical difficulties

First up, I want to share a couple of photos from our living room camera.

This one was taken a few days ago.  With the birdseed running out, there have been much fewer visitors of late.  Which means that, of the ones that do show up, they are less active and easier to get photos of. 🙂


While doing our Costco shopping, I made sure to pick up a bag of mixed bird seed.  I even figured out how to pop the roof off of the bird feeder, so I could fill it.  I also added some seed to the platform part of the stand.

The birds haven’t really rediscovered it yet, but this squirrel did!


I know squirrels aren’t supposed to be good for feeders, as they eat so much of the seeds, but I really like these guys.  They take cat or dog kibble, too.  Back when this place still had a wood burning furnace, when it was time to gather wood from the big pile outside to throw into the basement, we would sometimes uncover a cache of kibble that the squirrels had hidden in the logs. 😀

My dad really liked the squirrels, too.  Sometimes, he would sit on the concrete steps out the main entry and lie back in the sun and fall asleep.  At least once, he woke up to find a squirrel on his chest, checking him out!

With another scorcher predicted for today, I headed out early to try and mow the lawn.  I don’t like working with loud equipment in the morning, but I wanted to get it done before things got too hot.  I got most of the lawn done, and was just doing the last couple of bits around the main garden, when I ran out of gas.  After refilling it, the mower wouldn’t start.

While I was trying to get it started, I jostled the fuel line filter, and it popped off!  I got it back on again, then got a screwdriver to loosen the clamp, push the filter nozzle as far in as I could, then tightened it again.  Then I went back to trying to start the mower.

No go.  Literally.

I ended up pushing the mower all the way back to the garage.  My daughters and I headed into town in the afternoon, then back again soon after we returned (but for good reasons… 😉 ), so I wasn’t able to try again until almost evening.

It started beautifully.

I guess it just needed a rest!

I finished the last bit of lawn.  Though it took me maybe 15 minutes to do it, it was about 30C out there, and wow am I glad I started early in the morning, when it was still relatively cool!

But at least that’s done, now.

And that’s the extent of outside work for today!!  Looking at the forecast, it looks like early mornings, or late evenings, are going to be the only times we’ll be getting outside work done for at least the next two weeks.

The Re-Farmer

Clean Up: Old Kitchen – getting started

Today’s plans ended up changing a bit.  (photo heavy post ahead! 🙂 )

Originally, the only thing on the schedule for today was a medical appointment for my husband in the morning, so that was a drive into town.  After we got back, my daughters and I talked about plans to head into the city tomorrow for the Costco shopping.  My husband’s disability payment doesn’t come in until Friday, but his CPP disability came in today.  With Canada Day happening this weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was shop on Friday!  My plan was to move the big freezer in the old kitchen, which we emptied last night, to a more accessible spot, while starting to pack things up for the storage shed.  Doing the old kitchen is going to be a bit different, since we ended up having to store some of our own stuff in there for the winter, so it’s a mix of things we need to pack and move out, and things we need to keep.

My younger daughter had her own errand to run in the city, and we ended up deciding to do both her errand and the Costco shopping today, instead of tomorrow.  So I started on the old kitchen, just enough to move the freezer.

Here are the before pictures.


Under this window is where the younger of my brothers had his freezer, which they took out before winter.  My older daughter’s tent ended up in there, and the taped up parts of a utility shelf is ours, along with the watering can.  This is the window where we have extension cords going into the sun room.


The shelf in the corner is going to be removed at some point.  Both it and the wall mounted shelf are full of mostly jars.  There is also a very light, folding walker in there that my dad used indoors, tucked away in front of that purple curtain.  The round wooden thing in the corner is a seed sifter.  The bath transfer seat was my dad’s, and we will be keeping that.  He didn’t use it for long before he went to the nursing home, so it’s still in good shape.  It’s also sturdy enough that it’s been used to get up onto the shelf, so that we can reach the breaker panel above.

Once we move the shelves out, we’ll need to have something handy to access the breakers.  My older brother, wonderful man that he is, wired in a new breaker for the drier when he moved the washer and drier out of the basement and into the main entry.  In the process, he added extra wire, so when we are ready to, we can add another breaker for something else.  It was VERY difficult to add more electrical, so this will save some future problems.

And yes.  That is aluminum foil on the other window.  I’m guessing it’s because it faces West, so it is to block the sun as it sets and helps keep the room cool.


There is my parents’ freezer that we are using.

Yeah, we had to crawl over the stuff to get at it.

Those are the only areas I intended to work on today.  I cleared out the stuff under the window, where the freezer was going to go, moved the stuff in front of the freezer, all into the sun room or outside, then move the shelf with the drawers out of the way.

Those drawers are full of odds and ends.  I haven’t even tried to do more than take a quick peek in them, so far.


Yay!  We can access the freezer, now!

I also got rid of the curtain on the window.  I’m kinda liking the fact that we don’t need to have curtains or blinds to keep people from seeing into our home.  We can have privacy AND light at the same time! 😀  My mom, on the other hand, put curtains everywhere, including using them to hide the contents of shelves, like the purple one here.


This is what was under the freezer and shelf.


All I can do for now is sweep.  That floor is going to need a lot of work!


Now, the utility shelf can finally be used.

Do you see that big, black enameled bowl on the shelf on the right?  Somewhere, there is a lid for it.  That’s the bowl my mother used to mix bread dough for her once a week bread baking.  She would start the dough in the morning, cover it and leave it for the first rising while she went to milk the cows.  By the time she was done, the dough would have overflowed the container, which would be pushed back, punched down and left for a second rising.  After more chores, she would punch down the dough again, then start forming buns.  Before long, the kitchen and dining table would be covered with trays of buns, as she would start baking them in batches.  She would continue, late into the night, before she was done.  I am sure she made bread loaves, too, but I only remember buns; we loved them, so that’s what she made the most.  Once the buns started coming out of the oven, however, we would go at them like ravenous wolves!  They were meant to be bagged up, with some frozen for later in the week, but I think there were some days when we ate too many, too quickly.  I have a memory of seeing her face, once, with this sort of dismayed look on it, as she looked over what was left of her day’s labour.

As an adult, I now understand that feel, but as a child, I just loved her bread!  It was awesome.

And now I have the bowl.  Not sure if I’ll put it into storage or not.  Depends on if I find the lid. 🙂


And now, it all looks like crap again! LOL  I just put most of the stuff back again, to wait until we can pack things up and put it into storage.

Meanwhile, here is what the rest of the room looks like.

Keep in mind that this is just a tiny addition to the main log part of the house.


Well, this picture didn’t turn out very well.

The grid wall is my daughter’s, and goes with her tent, so those will be kept.  The giant mirror behind it is one of many we’ve found around the house (and there’s still one that needs to come down) that are huge, and damaged.  Likely salvaged from who knows where.

The aquarium box is from when we had to get a small aquarium for my aquatic plants, since we were never able to set up the 90 gallon tank.  Without being able to replace the broken piece on the filter, I might not be able to set that up until we can buy a whole new filter, which I certainly don’t want to do.  I got the one I have at a massive discount.  A new equivalent one would cost me $400!  I can’t even find the part I need online, at the brand’s website. 😦

The tank is past warranty now, so the box can go.

You can see the stove pipe in the back from the wood burning cook stove that’s completely hidden by all the stuff in front of it.  This is the stove we used until the new part was added to the house, and we got an electric stove, running water, and an indoor bathroom.  We continued to use it when there were power outages.  Those happened fairly regularly, until the power lines were all upgraded.  Country lines were pretty low on the priority list.

The stove is mere inches away from the wall, and there is no fireproof protection behind it.  That was normal, back in the day, but completely against fire safety regulations today.  We’d never be able to use it, as is.

The stove is covered with stuff, and the warming shelves are also full of stuff.  All things we will be packing away.  Tucked into a corner on the right are wall shelves, full of more stuff.  Including, I think, the parts and pieces of our old cream separator.  The basin, at least, is there.

I am hoping to completely clear the stove so that we can clean it up and have it as basically an historical decoration.


More odd bits of scrap carpet and rug pieces on the floor.  The Christmas lights are ours; we didn’t put up our tree for our first Christmas here, so they didn’t get used.  That dual cassette player on the floor used to be mine!  My dad had it in the sun room, so he could listen to the radio.  I’ve put that thing away so many times, and somehow, it always ended up on the floor.  Now it’s in the utility shelf, and it had darn well better stay there! 😀


The blue bit of carpet is now gone.  That window is waiting and ready to replace the one with aluminum foil on it.


My mother’s salt and pepper shaker collection.

Those, and the shelf they are on, will be packed and put into storage.

I also got rid of the curtain on the door.

Not only was part of it stuck at the hinge, but it was taped in place, as well as being on a tiny curtain rod.  Likely to keep it from billowing as the door was opened and closed.

This is the last usable room we need to pack and clean.  (I’m not really counting the basements and attic above the old kitchen, since they are not spaces we use regularly.)  I’m looking forward to being able to open the door and not have to worry about the cats sneaking in.  The door doesn’t latch well, so if we could just leave it instead of having to fight with it every time we open and close it, that would make life easier! 😀

The Re-Farmer

Down it goes

When things started to cool down, I did a check around the yard to see how things were.

No surprise at all to find that, having taken down a dead tree trunk recently, the still living but broken branch is was supporting has come down.


Unfortunately, it hasn’t broken completely.


The break is way too high for any attempt to cut it with the extended pruning saw.  I tried to pull and twist it, but it’s still hanging on.  All I managed to do was break of some smaller branches.

I’m just going to have to leave it for now.  As it dries up, it should eventually become brittle enough to pull down.

Meanwhile, it is basically blocking the path around to the back of the storage house that I was able to go through with the riding mower.  Which means that, when I do get the chance to mow, I’m going to have to find some way to either get it down, or somehow prop it to one side until I’m done mowing.

Oh, my!  As I wrote this post, some very dark clouds moved in from the West.  We’ve got storm warnings for that side of the province, though not as far us.  Hopefully, we’ll at least get some rain. According to my weather app, we should have heavy rain and a thunderstorm in 21 minutes.  Whether that actually hits us, we shall see!  The last few predictions of rain and storm missed us entirely.

The Re-Farmer



Good thing we have two driveways

We have ourselves another scorcher today.  I had hoped to mow the inner yard today, but I don’t want to risk the riding mower’s motor overheating in these temperatures.  So it will wait.  I was also thinking of doing the last bit of the clean up I had started doing around the storage house yesterday, stopping when it got just too hot to be working outside, but nope.  Not gonna happen in this heat!

Despite the heat, both cats are very cuddly.  DaBoy spends his nights upstairs, taking over the bottom of one of the girls’ beds.  You’d think, with his fur coat, the last thing he’d want to do is be in the hottest part of the house, snuggling up to warm feet, but he does.

At least his mom is doing it in the coolest room in the house; the master bedroom.

She was using my ankle and foot as a pillow.

Being the suck that I am, I was “trapped” for some time by the adorable fur ball.

My husband has been having a very bad pain day today, so he asked me to go into town to pick up something to help.

It’s a good thing he did.  Otherwise, we would not have known until we were heading out for his medical appointment tomorrow, that we were locked in.

My younger daughter came along with me, and when the girls are along for the ride, they typically go ahead to the gate to unlock and open it while I get the van and drive through, then they lock it up again.  This time, I drive up to the gate, and she’s still struggling with the gate.

The lock is a combination lock; the only thing we had handy at the time my mother asked us to start locking the gate.  Of the 4 tumblers, three weren’t turning.

We tried using tools.  We tried oiling it.  Nothing.  Those tumblers would not move.

Thankfully, we have another driveway, and that gate has a key lock on it.

This other driveway is not normally used.  I’ve mowed a path to it, because we still need to rebuild the barbed wire gate and just haven’t gotten around to it.  Right now, the lock and chain are the only thing keeping it upright and closed.  It’s a rough drive to the gate, the the driveway itself is overgrown.  I knew the path to the gate was clear, because I’d just mowed it, but we double checked the driveway itself to make sure there was nothing that would blow a tire on us or something.  It was good.

So when we got to town, our first stop was at a hardware store.  I picked up a new key lock, plus heavier duty bolt cutters.  It was funny as we went to pay for them.  The cashier joked about using the bolt cutters to cut a lock, then replacing it with a new one.  We told her that yes, that’s exactly what we were doing!  Then we explained that our lock was a combination lock, and the tumblers weren’t turning.  I added in, “Either the weather got to it, or someone tampered with it.”

Her response was, someone probably tampered with it.  When I commented that we live in the middle of nowhere, she just nodded and said, yeah; that’s where it’s most likely.  Then she told us about her brother, who has a trailer out in the sticks, and someone had broken into his locked gate and stole a quad.

An unfortunately reality of living in the sticks.  You’d think it would be safer, but people know that chances of getting caught are much lower, and the police are at least half and hour away.

I couldn’t see any sign of tampering on our lock, but unfortunately, I can’t rule it out.  For it to suddenly stop working like this, it actually seems more likely to be the cause than weather.

After getting the new lock and bolt cutters, we finished our errands, then did a bit of quick Pokemon Go.  We paused to battle a gym at the beach, sitting outside at a picnic table as we played.  Oh, what a lovely breeze off the water!


The temperatures were 28C, with the humidex putting it at 32C, but the lake it still quite cool, and it made for such a pleasant time outside.

We didn’t stay for long, though.  Once at home, we cut the broken lock off and put on the new one.  I’m going to have to cut copies of the key, so we all have one, plus an extra in the house.  I’ve kept the old lock and will see if I can find a way to open it up and see why it stopped working.

We did stop at the post office on the way home, and found a nice little surprise.  We got our reimbursement for our vehicle registration in our previous province.  It was enough to cover the cost of the bolt cutters, at least. 🙂

For now, we keep cool inside.  Looking around in the basement, I found an oscillating fan that actually works, though it needs a major cleaning.  That’s what I’ll be working on, next.

While having lunch with my brother and his wife on the weekend, I found out about something I had been wondering.  In the old part basement, at the window that we used to throw wood through, is a platform.  I had no idea why it was there.  It turns out my brother built it to hold a fan.  There is a screen to replace the window that’s there now, and the fan was used for air circulation to help keep the house cool.  The basement doors would be left open to help cool the house down, but we can’t do that until we’ve cleaned up the new part basement so it’s safe if the cats get down there.  We talked about getting a cheap screen door in the short term, to keep the cats out until we can do that.  The door is a standard size, so we could actually do that.  Something to keep in mind!

My brother described the fan he had on the platform, and none of us could remember seeing it, so I went looking around today.  Which is why I found the oscillating fan.

No sign of the fan he’d built the platform for.  Like so many other things, it has gone missing.  Another thing that came up in conversation, since I’d mentioned my search for a pitchfork in the past, is that there had been about 6 or 8 pitchforks stored in the barn.  There is no sign of them, now.

It’s a good thing we are living here now.  Too many things disappeared while this place was empty. 😦

The Re-Farmer

Beware the Chair Fungus

There is a chair.

It’s a sturdy metal chair, painted grey, with a padded grey seat, covered in vinyl.

This is an outside chair.  I don’t know where it came from, or how long its been outside, but I remember it being there since at least 2009, when we took a road trip to visit family out here.

I remember my dad sitting on it, outside the sun room, with the outside cats all around him.  Now, it is on the concrete pad, outside the main entry.

I’ve been thinking of repainting it and doing something about the cracks and holes in the seat.  Chairs as sturdy as this one are rather hard to come by, these days.

I should probably get on that.


The Re-Farmer

Oh, Dear

As we dealt with the cows this morning, I phoned up the renter to let him know about his broken electric gate.  Later in the morning, before heading to town to meet my brother and his wife for lunch, I took a quick walk around.  Fresh tire tracks in the tall grass showed me that the renter had already come and gone, checking both of his electric gates in the process of fixing the one, and got the cows back on their side of the fence.  We never even saw him!

One thing I saw while checking the electric gate by the barn was barbed wire sticking up out of the tall grass that wasn’t visible before.  Turns out, there’s an old barbed wire gate that was hidden in the grass.  The cows’ hooves must have got caught and pulled some of the wire up.  Yikes!  I’m going to have to put a priority on cleaning that out, even though it’s outside of where we are focusing on this year, just so no one gets hurt.  The posts in the gate are rotten to the point of broken, so it’s completely unusable.

When we got back from town, my daughters and I moved the power pole completely into the yard, along the back of the garage, so that it’s out of the way.  With the cows gone, we left the vehicle and people gates open again, but at least now we know what sort of work they need to have done.  The reason the people gate no longer latches is because the fence post on one side is now leaning away from the gate.  We’ll have to decide if it’s even worth straightening, at this point.

After moving the power pole to its new location, I was glad that I had managed to do all the weed trimming last night, in preparation for mowing, including where we just left the pole.  I even cleared around most of the apple trees.  With 200 ft of cord, I was able to just reach the second furthest tree, but only trim on one side of it. 😀  An extra 10 ft of cord would have allowed me to finish the row, but I was just too tired to get one at that point.  It took me about 3 – 3 1/2 hours to trim around the entire yard, including going into some areas that I’ve newly cleared.

It was while trimming in front of the garden shed that I noticed something I hadn’t before.

Of the two trees leaning towards the house that have to come down, one is over the roof and its branches sometimes hit when it bounces in high winds.

The other reaches far enough that we can see it from inside the living room, but isn’t actually touching the roof.

Which is good.  Because I discovered this last night.


A terrible picture, I know, but it was starting to get dark.

Somehow, in all the times I’ve been around this tree, I had never paused to look into this bole.  While weed trimming, however, it was right in my face and I couldn’t miss it.

That’s rotten wood and the remains of a carpenter ant nest.

Which means this tree is more unstable than I originally thought.  More unstable than the one I was more concerned about.


When I call to get quotes to have trees cleared from the power lines, I’m going to have to include these two trees as well.

If we can get this done before winter, I will be feeling much better!

Meanwhile, temperatures were cool enough today that I was finally able to mow the areas outside the yard (dodging fresh cow pies in the process! *L*).  It should have been done days ago, but was just too hot.

It’s looking so much better now! 🙂

The Re-Farmer