Oh, Dear

As we dealt with the cows this morning, I phoned up the renter to let him know about his broken electric gate.  Later in the morning, before heading to town to meet my brother and his wife for lunch, I took a quick walk around.  Fresh tire tracks in the tall grass showed me that the renter had already come and gone, checking both of his electric gates in the process of fixing the one, and got the cows back on their side of the fence.  We never even saw him!

One thing I saw while checking the electric gate by the barn was barbed wire sticking up out of the tall grass that wasn’t visible before.  Turns out, there’s an old barbed wire gate that was hidden in the grass.  The cows’ hooves must have got caught and pulled some of the wire up.  Yikes!  I’m going to have to put a priority on cleaning that out, even though it’s outside of where we are focusing on this year, just so no one gets hurt.  The posts in the gate are rotten to the point of broken, so it’s completely unusable.

When we got back from town, my daughters and I moved the power pole completely into the yard, along the back of the garage, so that it’s out of the way.  With the cows gone, we left the vehicle and people gates open again, but at least now we know what sort of work they need to have done.  The reason the people gate no longer latches is because the fence post on one side is now leaning away from the gate.  We’ll have to decide if it’s even worth straightening, at this point.

After moving the power pole to its new location, I was glad that I had managed to do all the weed trimming last night, in preparation for mowing, including where we just left the pole.  I even cleared around most of the apple trees.  With 200 ft of cord, I was able to just reach the second furthest tree, but only trim on one side of it. 😀  An extra 10 ft of cord would have allowed me to finish the row, but I was just too tired to get one at that point.  It took me about 3 – 3 1/2 hours to trim around the entire yard, including going into some areas that I’ve newly cleared.

It was while trimming in front of the garden shed that I noticed something I hadn’t before.

Of the two trees leaning towards the house that have to come down, one is over the roof and its branches sometimes hit when it bounces in high winds.

The other reaches far enough that we can see it from inside the living room, but isn’t actually touching the roof.

Which is good.  Because I discovered this last night.


A terrible picture, I know, but it was starting to get dark.

Somehow, in all the times I’ve been around this tree, I had never paused to look into this bole.  While weed trimming, however, it was right in my face and I couldn’t miss it.

That’s rotten wood and the remains of a carpenter ant nest.

Which means this tree is more unstable than I originally thought.  More unstable than the one I was more concerned about.


When I call to get quotes to have trees cleared from the power lines, I’m going to have to include these two trees as well.

If we can get this done before winter, I will be feeling much better!

Meanwhile, temperatures were cool enough today that I was finally able to mow the areas outside the yard (dodging fresh cow pies in the process! *L*).  It should have been done days ago, but was just too hot.

It’s looking so much better now! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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