Clean up: trees in the old garden

We had such a lovely day today, even with fairly high winds, that I couldn't resist going outside and doing a bit of clean up. This time, I decided to work in the old garden area. As we clean up around the property, there is one thing I find myself struggling with that I did … Continue reading Clean up: trees in the old garden

That’s convenient, and sooo tired!

With feeding the critters outside, I needed a good, sturdy scoop to hold the cat kibble, deer feed or bird seed. At first, we tried re-purposing the gallon plastic jugs from distilled water. They're basically the same that milk comes in. We would just cut the bottom off to form a scoop and, with the … Continue reading That’s convenient, and sooo tired!

Still falling, still alive, and kitten news

With so many branches of all sizes fallen during the storm, I'm still picking up ones I've missed around the yard, along with new ones that have fallen since. While I have been staying away from working on the outer yard, I did notice a fairly large branch had fallen near the chain link fence, … Continue reading Still falling, still alive, and kitten news