New toys, and this is un-flippin’ real!! :-D

Okay, first the fun stuff.

I made a much delayed trip to the post office (using my face shield for the first time).

There were several packages waiting for me, including one that had these – being guarded by a Susan!

That gouge will allow me to carve much deeper than the curved blade of the sloyd knife in my carving kit. I have a couple of practice pieces in mind before I try carving a cup or small bowl, with some maple and apple wood pieces ready and waiting to try.

Besides the gouge, there is a sharpening kit for curved blades, including polishing compound. The other side of it has a matching recessed area, and the sandpaper can be affixed to it using 2 pieces of wood that slide out.

I look forward to using it to sharpen my sloyd knife!

Then there was the other thing in the mail.

The thing I had to sign for.

The return address was our vandal, so I knew I was being served… something. But what could he come up with?

When I opened it and figured out what it was, all I could do was laugh. What an abuse of the court’s time!!!

Our vandal is claiming a number of items around the property, in the amount of $13,000. I actually can’t tell if he’s asking for the stuff, or if he want’s the money. Probably the money. I’ve already sent a copy of it to my lawyer. (My Legal Shield membership, paying off again!)

Here’s the thing.

We don’t own the property or anything on it. When we moved here, my mother said we could use anything on it as if it were our own, but also made it VERY clear, that she was still the owner and called the shots. I’ve also gone out of my way to make that line of owner ship clear, even as we talk generically about “our house” our “our place”. It’s “ours” in that we live here, but we do not own any of it.

What’s on the farm, belongs to the farm, so now that the property belongs to my brother, it’s his. We have the same deal with him as we did with our mother. He knows this, because he contacted my brother to get written permission to go onto the property for “lumber” he says he paid for. Except there is no “lumber”. Unless you count the scrap and salvaged wood, all of which is damaged in some way. Lumber is one of the things listed. I have no idea what he believes is still in that barn!

On top of that, with a number of things listed, I don’t even know what he’s talking about. Others, it could be any of a number of things. It’s pretty vague. Still others are just laughable. Like the TV. He’s never claimed ownership of the TV before. I supposed it’s possible that he bought it for my late father, but if he did, it was a gift, and ownership went to my mother when my dad died.

So he’s demanding (most likely) $13,000 cash from me, for mostly junk, when I don’t even claim ownership of any of it in the first place. Besides, if I had that kind of money, we’d have a new roof by now.

There is, however, one final kicker. I have an email I sent to him, more than a year and a half ago, where I told him that if he wanted to take stuff he was claiming (some of which I already confirmed was never his), he could do so – after providing proof of ownership. He never responded. He couldn’t. He has no proof of ownership.

There is a court date, by teleconference, in February, but I’ve got 20 days to file a response.

What a flippin’ joke!

The Re-Farmer

6 thoughts on “New toys, and this is un-flippin’ real!! :-D

  1. *headdesk* Well of course he can’t prove it, he’s deranged.

    I hope Canada is one of those countries that can levy fines for frivolous lawsuits like this. Personally, I’d play a little dirty and go back to the authorities and present this list of property as proof he’s been sneaking onto the farm uninvited and is stalking you. Stinks to sink to that level, but sometimes it’s the only way to fight back when the system is determined to protect the villains at any cost.

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    • I believe it is possible to request the court to not only turf the suit, but award damages for it. Something to ask my lawyer about.

      As for the list of stuff, clearly he has *not* been sneaking onto the property. More like he’s half remembering things and adding to the list, just to come up with a list. I’m still flummoxed by the lumber he thinks is here. And I have no idea what a “tractor rock” (rack?) is supposed to be. Apparently, he thinks there’s copper here, too.

      I’m considering including a list of the stuff that has disappeared (and we know he has) and their replacement value in my response. I’d have to get another family member to come up with the list, though, because the stuff disappeared before we moved here.

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      • Too bad. If his memory was better, or you saw stuff that you know wasn’t brought onto the property until after he was banned, it would be pretty easy to go the route I predicted.

        Still, making up items and thinking there’s copper on the property sound like grounds to question his grip on reality.

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      • Yeah.

        As for copper, I know my late brother used to salvage old copper wire. When he had a fair amount of it, he’d burn off the coatings, then take it in for salvage. A little extra pocket change. But my brother has been gone for 10 years, and I’ve seen no sign of anything like that around. Apparently, there’s aluminum around, too. He is literally listing scrap metals on his claim.


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