Tree work done!

Photo heavy post ahead. πŸ˜€

It’s about 6 months later than we meant to have it done, but done it is! The trees are now clear from the power lines and the roof.

I was really, really excited to see the chipper they brought in.


Just look at that monster! I asked about it, and was told it cost about $30,000.

Worth every penny.

They started by taking the maples overhanging the roof down. I didn’t get any “during” pictures of that part. I had gone out to talk to them about the chipper and noticed it was aimed into their truck. I told them to go ahead and aim it to the side, where I’d cleared under the corner of the spruce grove, instead. There was one guy in the reach truck, cutting the smaller branches and tossing them in a pile for the other guy to put through the chipper. After a while, we began to hear heavy thuds, as he started to take down larger and heavier pieces of trunk.

After the two trees were down, they drove through the garden – after first cutting the stump of an apple tree that fell last year, to ground level – so they could drive through. Before starting to work on the dead spruce tree, though, the guy asked about a tree that was blocking his way; it would need to be cut back, anyhow. Would I be okay if he just took it down? We ended up talking about some other trees as well – all of which I’d identified myself already as potential problems – that he suggested come down completely, offering to do it for me right away.

At no extra cost.


Of course, I said yes!


Here, he is working his way up the dead spruce, cutting away branches, until he could start taking the trunk down in sections.


You can barely see him up there! I believe he’s working on an elm in this above photo.


I just had to get a photo from a distance. Not only was he way up there, swinging a chain saw one handed, but he was swaying back and forth in the reach truck at the same time!

Just look (below) at how he’s standing on that thing!


He had to drive the truck around the house to be able to get to the last maple, while the other guy brought the chipper in closer on the garden side, to clean up the branches from all the previous trees.

I took this picture through the screen in my window, but you can still make out the power lines he’s working around.

I quickly snapped this picture, as they set up to do the south willow, before taking my husband to his medical appointment. They finished the job shortly before we were done in town, so I wasn’t able to get any progress photos here.

Now for some before and after images.

First, the south window, before…


Compared to elsewhere, there was very little that needed to be done here; just cutting back on one side.


Oh, that is so much better!

Here is the before picture, facing the other way.

This is through the old kitchen garden, with the ornamental apples in the way. Here is a closer view.

Looking near the power pole, note the stump on the ground, the elm to the right, and the dead spruce tree to the left (with a rock at its base). There is an elm in front of it, so the dead spruce is a bit hard to see. (The horizontal branch in the foreground is from another apple tree I’m standing near.)

Now for the after photo…

Just look at those wonderfully clear power lines!!!

Next is a before picture of the maples over handing the roof.

They had to move that long downspout, first (it was screwed in place) to be able to get in there. I’ll have to get an after picture from this location, later. However…


This is what’s left of the big maple overhanging the living room roof.


This is what’s left of the one that was touching the peak of the second floor roof.


They neatly stacked the trunk pieces for me – most of that is the first tree they took down. On the right, in the big pieces, you can see the ant damage that we could see from the outside of the tree. The ones on the top, with larger ant damage, are from the second tree, and there was no external sign of this at all. We are so fortunate that neither of them came down during any of the high wind days we’ve had over the past while, as both were severely weakened by that ant damage.


This pile of wood ships is from just those two maples. I’m thinking we can just rake that out and leave it where it is!

The birds were all over this pile, for some reason.

Now for the rest of it…


This pile of wood is from the dead spruce tree, plus the elm they took down to be able to reach it.


This is from the maple that kept dropping branches onto the power lines.


You can see the stumps of the three trees this pile was from; they weren’t very large, yet, but would have grown up into the power lines.


They chipped the branches from all those trees into the truck, then dumped the chips at the corner of the spruce grove for me.

Interesting, how the maples by the house didn’t have a lot of smaller branches to chip (as you can tell by the smaller pile in the earlier photo), but did have a lot of thicker branches and trunks, while the others had less trunk and more chip-able branches.

This is going to make some excellent mulch!

So the job was to take down 3 trees, plus clear the power lines. They did that, plus took down 4 more trees, and trimmed two stumps to ground level for me, at no extra cost. After taxes, the bill came to under $1600. It took us a year to save up the money, mostly because of repairs needed on the van. Hopefully, that will no longer be an issue!

I am so happy with the job they did! And talk about going the extra mile!

I talked to the guy doing the cutting about future work. His dad, who does the estimates, will be calling me later. We have 2 dead spruce trees near the house I’d like to have taken down, and another near the garage and outhouse. He will also take a look at the old willow that I’m hoping we can save.

We ended up talking about the trees in the garden that my mother allowed to stay, after she transplanted the raspberries they had seeded themselves amongst. He recommended taking a tractor and pulling them out by the roots. They do stump drilling, but that is only for a couple of inches below ground; not suitable for a garden. We’d never be able to till it (or plow it, which is what’s usually done here) over the roots. He also recommended doing it before they get much bigger. My mother doesn’t want them taken down at all, though. She’s going to have to decide what she wants us to do more – plant the garden or keep the trees.

I also found out that they can do chipping for us. So, rather than renting a piddly little chipper (even the largest ones available don’t come close to what they have!), I want to hire them to come back in the fall, and chip some of our piles of wood. By the time I finish clearing the spruce grove, there could easily be double what we’ve already got piled up from last summer, so we might not be able to get it all done at once! πŸ˜€

I’m already daydreaming about what we can do with the mulch. πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

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