Critter(s) of the Day: here, there and… not there anymore

I’ve got wormy baby pictures for you!


Butterscotch’s babies have been easier to get pictures of; they are old enough that Butterscotch will come out more often.


This is the first picture I’ve been able to get of Beep Beep’s babies, without having to try and get around Mom.

I admit, I did quite a double take when I uploaded the photo and saw that one kitten’s nose.

No. It is not blood or a wound. It is just skin and fur colouration.


This next picture was actually taken the evening we had the trees taken down.


I saw Rosencrantz looking very agitated, so I had to check on them.

Note that there is only three in the picture.

I took this next photo, the next morning, while putting the cat kibble out.


Alas. They are gone. 😦

I admit to being part of the problem; while I tried to keep my distance, she was not happy with anyone coming near the dog house. All the noise and activity while the trees were being cleared – especially when they moved the equipment into the south yard – was just too much for her.

I think they are now under the storage house. I’m hoping she found something to serve as a cat cave, because it’s mostly open under there.

It may be weeks before we see this litter again. 😦

Ah, well. Such is life.

Speaking of which…

Our other outside cats have all but disappeared, too! I saw Bob last night, but have seen Doom Guy only in passing (as I write this, I can see him way up on a tree branch). I haven’t seen Big Jim or Rolando Moon in days. In fact, we’ve been seeing the visiting toms more than our own resident cats of late.

I get that, now that the weather is better, the young males in particular will be wanting to explore. It’s just that a lot of the cats we were feeding last winter did the same, and most have not returned.

So while we now have 12 new kittens, we have less adult cats outside. Next year, we can expect much the same to happen again; some will stay, some will disappear.

I’ll just have to keep taking lots of pictures. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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