Bonus Critter: airborne

Found in this morning’s trail cam images.

There were three deer in the group. The first two slipped through the fence, in between the wires. The third one decided to take a flying leap!

Dem Bones

With the warmer weather and longer days, the girls have been walking beyond the outer yard to check on things, such as the old gravel pit and pond areas.

Sometimes, they bring things back.

I believe these were found somewhere towards the old gravel pit.

Dem bones look like they’ve been cut!

The Re-Farmer


My husband is a morning person. He says views like this are part of what makes it so great.

I admire the view, to be sure, but if I had to choose between doing my morning rounds really early and getting shots like this, and bed, I’d choose bed. LOL

The Re-Farmer


This past Sunday, the weather was mild enough that I was able to spend some time on the beach.

It was really fascinating.

The sand was frozen solid, but you could see the effects of water and ice. One dramatic visual was at the outflow for storm drains.

At the time I was there, the tide was still going out. There was ample evidence of how high it had gotten.

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