Critter of they Day: sad Keith

These photos were taken a few days after the ones taken in yesterday’s critter of the day post.

Little Keith had come back to the junk pile, though mom and sibling were nowhere to be seen. Why is he looking so sad?

We hard started to leave bowls of food and water for the junk pile family. Keith was spooked away from then by Not-Slick.

Between the other cats and the blue jays, it’s hard to say how much kibble the junk pile cats actually got!

Critter(s) of the Day: reunion

These photos go back to July 3; the day Dave and Keith were briefly reunited with their mom.

It was such a lovely reunion! It was hard to separate them again.

We really didn’t have much choice, if these two were going to get healthy. Even so, it didn’t take them long to leave Mom’s hideout, and their sibling, to just sit here, looking all forlorn.

It wasn’t too much longer before we brought Dave into the house permanently.

Critter of the Day: splish splash…

… Jay is takin’ a bath.

Today, I make up for being late with my critter of the day post with quantity!

I have finally caught up on July (skipped the rest of June in the process) photos from the living room DSLR. This series of photos we were so fortunate to get go back to July 9.

This blue jay was having SO much fun cooling down in the bird bath!!!