Saying goodbye

Sadly, Pointy Baby took a turn for the worst last night. In the wee hours of the morning, he passed on in my arms.

This is where we found him, yesterday.

You can see where we cut the whole to free him.

Of course, I’m constantly thinking how I should have found him, earlier. I didn’t think to look for him, when he didn’t come out in the morning. That’s not unusual for yard cats, though rate for him.

I had gone out and back to meet my mother and brother for Easter, but heard nothing.

I’d gone out to clear more paths and wasn’t that far, but I saw and heard nothing. It was only by chance that I heard him in the evening, and kept trying to find the source of that strange meow.

That poor baby boy.

I’m going to miss him.

The Re-Farmer


8 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Sorry to hear! 😞 But thank you for sharing it with us. I really appreciate it, because so often we bypass the hard times, the sad times, and that’s not life. When we first got goats and I was alone b/c Hubby was offshore at work for 2 weeks, one got it’s head stuck in the feeder. I was beside myself! I was frantic, had no help, couldn’t get her out, thought she was dead at one point. Finally after so much fretting and pulling and crying, I got her out. She couldn’t walk, I thought I’d have to put her down. But, a few hours later and she had totally recovered. Never easy, not exactly the simple life, eh?! Sometimes you can save them, sometimes you can’t.

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      • Thanks, that’s kind of you! My quality of life increased significantly when Hubby got laid off during Convid. 😁 Of course, sometimes others can make things more stressful than necessary. It all depends.

        BTW, when you get the male cats fixed, do they still try to mark territory, or cause other issues you can think of? I ask b/c our barn cat had kittens and we are thinking of getting them fixed, maybe even making one a house cat, but we know nothing about cats. Her past litters have not lived very long, I think predators were getting them. This time I think she clued in, had them under the porch, where there is lots of predator protection from our dogs and always food!

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      • All our inside males are fixed, but there is only two thar sometimes spray. Both tuxedos. Oddly, we have one female that sprays sometimes, too!

        Smart mama to find where the safe space is!


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