Spice boy is back!

I headed outside for a bit this afternoon, and as I was puttering around, there were - of course - kittens all over the place. Usually, they are pretty quiet, but I started to hear a plaintive little meow from over by the shrine. Looking over, I saw an orange kitty and went over to … Continue reading Spice boy is back!

Ghost Baby appears, and that’s a LOT of dill!

There's nothing like heading outside to do my morning rounds, and being greeted by so many kitties! It's going to be hard to tell those tabbies apart. 😀 Ghost Baby even made an appearance this morning. She is very shy and skittish, so I didn't try to move any closer to get a photo. My … Continue reading Ghost Baby appears, and that’s a LOT of dill!

Morning kitties and morning harvest

I got to give Nosencrantz full body pets this morning! She hadn't even started eating yet when she let me pet her - and she was purring! Then she joined her Grandma Butterscotch for breakfast. 🙂 Do you see that orange over on the far right? That's Rolando Moon. She's still around! It looks like … Continue reading Morning kitties and morning harvest