Pointy Baby

I’ve been calling this piece of adorable fluff, Baby.

My daughters have been calling him Pointy, because the markings on his nose/forehead are pointy.

So I guess that makes him a Pointy Baby!

The Re-Farmer

Dry Grandma

Butterscotch is really enjoying her retirement years!

She is okay with Nosencrantz and Cheddar. She puts up with Leyendecker. She wants nothing to do with any of the other cats. If I open the door and they start coming in, she’ll hide in her favourite shelf and watch them, suspiciously. If they come too close, she will hiss and snarl at them.

She has zero interest in leaving my office/craft room/bedroom. Grandma is more than happy to just lounge around on my bed, snoozing. Sometimes, she’ll play with Nosencrantz. Maybe even cuddle with Cheddar. When a human comes around and sits on my bed, she’s all over them, demanding attention, but is quite content to have little to no attention from other cats.

After surviving all those years as a yard cat and having who knows how many litters of kittens, I think she’s earned it!

The Re-Farmer

The in between

Now here’s a kitty I don’t usually get photos of!

We have three black and white kittens right now. There’s Baby, the small one with the black splotch by its nose (I think the girls call it Pointy), and the long haired one that is part of the oldest litter that we sometimes get to pet.

Then there’s this one, from an in between litter. Two of its siblings are friendly. At the moment, I can’t remember which one is its fourth sibling. They are hard to keep track of when there are so many! We don’t see this one much. It’s there, but it runs off and hides behind things when we’re around. So I was pleased to be able to finally get a decent photo of him!

The tongue blep is just bonus!

The Re-Farmer

Looking stunned!

My apologies for the poor quality photo. I had my phone right up against the kitchen window and was zooming in to get it.

This catten was looking absolutely stunned at seeing me and Fenrir in the kitchen window!

This is one of Plushy’s siblings, and he’s looking like he’s going to be every bit as fluffy as she is. Sadly, we have not been able to socialize him, but at least we’ve been able to see enough through the fluff to confirm he’s male. Once in a rare while, I’ve actually been able to touch him, but he gives me this same stunned look, and moves away. 😄

He may not want actual contact with us humans, but for some reason, he often insists on following me around when I do my morning rounds. 😁

The Re-Farmer