Still falling, still alive, and kitten news

With so many branches of all sizes fallen during the storm, I’m still picking up ones I’ve missed around the yard, along with new ones that have fallen since.

While I have been staying away from working on the outer yard, I did notice a fairly large branch had fallen near the chain link fence, so yesterday evening, I went and dragged it out.

I ended up dragging out other dead branches that had been there before, as well, but none were as big as this one.

It will be good to finally clean up around and between these old maples. When I was a kid, the fence was on the other side of them, and they were part of the inner yard.

They are not doing very well.

I’m pleased to find, however, that another maple IS doing well.

When I cleared here last year, taking out a rotting stump, I found it had actually been supporting the still living part of the tree. It tipped over precariously, so I straightened it and tried to give it support at ground level. It tipped again, if not quite so much, and I had my doubts if it would survive.

I’m happy to say, it is looking quite healthy! Just a couple of dead branches that will need pruning.

As I doing my rounds in the morning, I pick up any branches that have fallen during the night. I was doing just that in the south yard, under one of the Chinese elms, when I heard some noise above me – looking up just in time to see another dead branch fall down and land next to me!

Picking up fallen branches is one of those never ending chores. Like dishes. No matter how many times you do them, they always come back!

The Re-Farmer


Sorry! I had to hurry because a roofing company was coming over to do an estimate, and didn’t get to include the kitten news!

With my daughter’s help, I was able to get photos of each of the kittens, and the 2 moms. I’d already got permission from the administrator of a regional Facebook group that includes the city, and posted the pictures last night.

The first person who responded told me I should go to a rescue society, get them fixed, because there were too many kittens.

It was very condescending.

Then I got a response from someone talking about how we probably have more all over the place beyond the ones she’s seen, and even made a comment about how she thought they looked “demented.”

This person has never been here, and has never seen these kittens.

I recognize the last name, so this is probably someone who lives in the area. In fact, she might even live on the property on the other side of my brother’s place, at which point, she might be thinking of his yard cats. I don’t know, but it was a weird comment!!

Thankfully, I also got three people expressing an interest in adopting. One lives 2 hours away, but if things work out, we might be able to meet half way, in the city, at the end of the month and we can deliver a kitty when we do our monthly shop. The kittens will be old enough to leave by then.

We shall see how it works out!

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