Look what I found

While tending the garden beds where we have the beets and carrots, I was looking into the area behind it. It had been part of the plan for this past summer to clean up further into there, and I was thinking of what I might still be able to manage this year, while we have … Continue reading Look what I found

Critter of the Day: a story in pictures

Lately, Beep Beep has been very aggressive about wanting human attention. She has very sharp claws! After we made our trip to my medical appointment yesterday, the girls and I ended up going for a walk-about beyond the outer yard. Beep Beep followed us. She kept wanting us to carry her, but would roll and … Continue reading Critter of the Day: a story in pictures

Location, location, location!

Location makes all the difference. Even if you're a chokecherry tree. While picking a few more raspberries, I noticed some significant differences in the nearby chokecherry tree, compared to last year. Specifically, the ripening berries are already larger than the fully ripe berries I'd picked from this tree last year. This location is closer to … Continue reading Location, location, location!