Fall colours

It’s a dreary, cold day today, so I wanted to post a photo of a more pleasant day, taken while my mother was here to see the changes made since her last visit.

Last year, we raked all the leaves up and added them to the old kitchen garden as mulch. I don’t know that we’ll get any raking done at all this fall, at this point. The garden areas could use the organic matter for when we do finally start planting, but it sure looks pretty as it is.

While walking past the slowly collapsing log cabin, my mother asked what should be done with it.

It’s too far gone to be salvaged anymore, so I answered, just tear it down.

Just burn it? she responded.

Both my brother and I immediately went NO!!!! I just had to laugh in disbelief at the suggestion, while my brother asked the question that was in my own head. Why does everyone want to burn things? There are safer ways to do it!

For someone who made such a big deal about my clearing away so many trees (I think it took a while for her to understand what I was doing – and how many trees had died), and talking about all the trees she planted, such as the “living fence” in the picture, it blew me away that she would suggest setting fire to a building right next to them – with others growing right next to it! Including a huge spruce, that would go up like a torch!

Then she told me about how there is a barrel of dill seeds in there. I don’t know how many decades ago she put it there, but she had heard something about dill being predicted as some sort of cash crop, so she collected dill sees and put them in a wooden barrel; the sort that wine or whiskey is aged in. Nothing came of these predictions. It got put in the old log cabin, along with all sorts of other stuff, and she says it’s still there. I’ve looked in there and can’t see any sign of a barrel, but so much of the roof has collapsed, it’s possible that it’s buried somewhere. The strange thing is, she seems to think that this barrel of dill seeds is not just still there, but in the same condition she remembers it being in. Which is odd, considering she’s also saying the whole building should be burned down because it’s in such bad shape.

Taking care of this place for my mother can get interesting, at times. There is a pretty big discrepancy between what is here, the conditions of various things, and what needs to be done, and what she thinks is here, what condition anything is in, and what I should be doing about it!

I’m glad my brother and I are on the same wavelength about it, at least! 😀

The Re-Farmer

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