Thanks to my brother, we now have wheels on the trailer frame we found in the old hay yard. 🙂

My brother had brought two pairs of wheels to test out previously. One set was the right height, but too wide to fit into the space to screw them on. The other set was narrow enough, but much taller; the wheels would have extended above the trailer bed. Theoretically, we could have worked with that by cutting openings on the trailer bed and installing fenders, but that was really more than we wanted to do.

He was able to return both sets and found a pair that he hoped would work. We brought them home with us after going to their place for Thanksgiving dinner and, once the snow was clear in the hay yard, we finally got to try and put them on the trailer.

They fit perfectly!

The trailer frame had been left on the ground upside down, and my daughter and I had dug it out and set it on three old tires we found against the barn. Once the new wheels were installed, we were finally able to flip it and see what the top looked like. The plan is to just use sheets of plywood as a floor, but I wasn’t sure how they would be affixed.


There are many screw holes, and quite a few of the screws still in them, and they are all in terrible shape, having been sitting in the dirt for who knows how many years!

These will have to be removed, and we don’t really have the tools to do it. My brother does, though, so it’s going to have to wait until the next time he is able to come out here.

The kittens were absolutely entranced by it! 😀 One had run off before I could include her in the photo, though.

There are remains that show this trailer did at some point have rear lights that could be wired into a towing vehicle, but one side is all bent up, and the other is broken off.

For now, it is still in the old hay yard. When the weather clears up again, I plan to head out with a tape measure and see if we can get it into the barn through the back door. It won’t fit through the side door we use to get to it. My brother had hoped to take it out of the hay yard through an old gate on the house side of the barn yard, but someone had put an old balcony rail, more fence posts and fence wire in front of it, so it can’t be opened without having to remove a whole bunch of stuff first. I’m guessing it was to make sure the renter’s cows couldn’t break through, though I can’t see what was wrong with the original barbed wire gate that was there.

So we’ll have to take it the long way around. Mostly, I just want to get it out of the elements. We’re not going to need it until spring, but I’d rather it spent the winter indoors, if we can.

Now that it has wheels, I found I was able to move it around quite easily, if awkwardly. It has a ball joint tow hitch on it. We have nothing that can tow it right now, but we’d still be able to use it manually, once there’s a floor on it. 🙂

This will make it a lot easier to clear junk and tree remains out of the yard, once it’s set up! We should even be able to get an attachment for the riding mower and use that to tow it around.

I’m so glad my brother remembered seeing this buried in the grass, and recognized it for what it was!

The Re-Farmer

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