Mystery solved

A few days back, I showed my mother this grabber that I’d found in the garden shed.

We were trying to figure out…

Why soup spoons?

Well, it took a few days, but my mother called me up because she remembered why.

My dad had used this to pick crabapples.

It was such and “of course!” moment. Those spoons are the perfect size for our crabapples.

My mother then asked if we could take the spoons off and bring it to her to use, but the ends of this are damaged.

We’ll be keeping it as it is. Now that I know, I will probably use it for the same purpose!

Meanwhile, I’ll look into picking up a new grabber for my mother, some time soon! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

2 thoughts on “Mystery solved

    • I just priced some out today. The nice thing is, my daughter works at the pharmacy and I can get her very generous staff discount, so it’ll be even more affordable!

      They had a “hip” starter kit that included a grabber just like this one, but I think I’ll go a step up in durability and a slightly different grabber design, based on what she told me she needs it for. I wouldn’t want anything to slip out if she can’t maintain the pressure.

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