How does the garden(s) grow?

I realized I've neglected to take progress photos of some of our garden beds, so I got a few this morning. Here are our two potato beds. I was shooting blind, because my phone's screen went completely black in the sunlight. Still, you can see the potatoes among the mulch, separated by a path of … Continue reading How does the garden(s) grow?

Picnic table progress: painting started

While the tech was here to try and figure out why our secondary internet account wasn't working (more about that on another post), my daughter and I got started on the scrubbed and fully dry picnic table. First, we set up her tent! Once we moved it over the table, she got the paint ready … Continue reading Picnic table progress: painting started

A little bit of progress

First, the cute stuff! Beep Beep is such a good mama! The kittens have taken to napping under the couch regularly. Beep Beep can just barely squeeze under there, herself. A little while ago, my daughter saw her squeeze part way there, then start wiggling oddly. Moments later, some sleepy kitties came out. She then … Continue reading A little bit of progress

Outer yard progress: more reclaimed

My plans to continue mowing and, hopefully, reclaiming more overgrown areas nice and early got delayed a bit. We had an unusually heavy dew this morning, and cooler temperatures kept it from evaporating until well into the afternoon. However, progress was made! Remember this area? I hiked up the lawnmower, and was able to clear … Continue reading Outer yard progress: more reclaimed

Garden progress: setting up for sunflowers

The winds finally died down today, and we were able to prep for the giant sunflowers we will be planting. To recap, these are being planted for several reasons. One is to have seeds for the birds over the winter (and for ourselves, if we want). Another is to create a wind break and privacy … Continue reading Garden progress: setting up for sunflowers