Critter of the Day: a story in pictures

Lately, Beep Beep has been very aggressive about wanting human attention.

She has very sharp claws!

After we made our trip to my medical appointment yesterday, the girls and I ended up going for a walk-about beyond the outer yard.

Beep Beep followed us.

She kept wanting us to carry her, but would roll and writhe so much, it was hard to hang on to her, and we ended up pretty scratched up. So we put her down.

She continued to follow us.

She was using this stump as a scratching post before climbing it. As I was taking pictures, she got that look on her face.

That deadly look!

The look that told me she was about to jump onto me, if I didn’t leave right away! 😀

By the way, that does not look like a pregnant cat. Does this look like a pregnant cat to you?

Beep Beep is no longer round. She doesn’t look like she’s given birth, though, nor is she acting maternal. I don’t know if that means she had another litter and they didn’t survive, or she miscarried (I didn’t think she was pregnant long enough to give birth yet) or what.

We’re not sure what to make of her.

The girls and I went through sections of the woods I haven’t gone through in decades.

Beep Beep continued to follow us.

Including through this cleared path that cut through the bush, where we found all sorts of interesting things.

Like this brave little spruce tree.

We also visited the old gravel pit.

Despite all the rain we’ve been having lately, this is what it looks like, now.

The tracks you see in the mud are the hoof prints of deer. They would be searching for water anywhere they can. The pond not far from here is even drier.

We’ve been dry for so long, any moisture we’ve been getting disappears so quickly.

We also found this.

This is the remains of a gravel sifter, with a dead tree lying over it. It had a built in stand and would stand at an angle. Shovel fulls of gravel would be thrown onto the screen (you can barely see the rusted metal of the screen in the photo). The larger rocks would roll down to the bottom, while the sand and very small pebbles would fall through the screen. I remember helping my father do this when I was a child and had been wondering what happened to the sifter. Now I know. 😦

After our walkabout, the girls put away the kittens in the sun room – without Beep Beep, who did actually want in, but if she’s got kittens somewhere, we don’t want her locked up in the sun room all night.

In the process, we saw Junk Pile kitten and Pump Shack kitten around, so my younger daughter stayed out by the fence with a stick to lure them into playing with her.

Unfortunately, both Beep Beep and Butterscotch were around, and they tend to chase these kittens, and their moms, away. So my older daughter and I tried to play guardian and keep them away. Beep Beep, in particular, kept going back to my younger daughter.

I managed to catch her and pick her up, but she was doing the rolling around and clutching thing, which was getting pretty painful. So my older daughter tried to help and take her off me.

Somehow, she managed to do some weird flip, fall, parkour off my face and back flip into my daughter’s face, then finally land on the ground.

My face lost that particular battle!

My daughter also got a small wound on her cheek.

What a vicious beast Beep Beep is! 😀

The Re-Farmer

3 thoughts on “Critter of the Day: a story in pictures

    • No kidding!

      When we first brought Fenrir inside, she didn’t even know to retract her claws. Which made walking across carpet very noisy! LOL She eventually learned she didn’t need to have her claws out all the time (and we started bleeding less… *L*). The kittens are learning the same, little by little. Even Mild Cheddar, already. Which is good, because we haven’t been able to trim their claws often at all!

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