We are still in a polar vortex induced cold spell right now. I delayed doing my rounds outside until it had warmed up to -32C/-25.6F I skipped switching out the memory cards in the trail cams again! Just the extra time to refill both bird feeders this morning was pushing it. The heated water bowl … Continue reading Iced

Delivery Fail, and coming unhinged

We've had ourselves a chillier morning today! Light snow, and bitterly cold winds from the south is what greeted me this morning, when I went out to do my rounds. Kitty loaf is not impressed. It does look pretty, though! Switching out the micro disk cards on the new trail cam has gotten somewhat easier. … Continue reading Delivery Fail, and coming unhinged

Back outside: Butterscotch recovery update

We ended up keeping Butterscotch indoors, overnight. After 2 hours in the carrier, she was certainly more active and alert after the anesthetic wore off, but she was totally cracked out! We did not feel it would be safe for her to be outside, yet. She got the basement all to herself for the night. … Continue reading Back outside: Butterscotch recovery update