Slowing down, and cats, cats, cats!

With all the rain we’ve been having, life is starting to slow down on the home front lately. After the various trips made in the last while, we’ve got a couple of “days off” to just stay home.

It’s been either too wet or too windy to do the junk wood burning I had hoped to do, so there has been no progress there at all. While there are a number of things I want to do around the yard, they are not things that should be done in the rain. We’re supposed to warm up over the next few days, and even start approaching 30C by Tuesday, so I hope to get a chance to work on those.

Yesterday was a quiet day in which I got to spend some quality time with my hooks. My husband requested a pair of warm and cozy slippers for winter, so I picked up some blanket yarn while in the city for my medical appointment. I wanted to try something different, too, so I basically made up the pattern as I went along. I am very happy with how they turned out, so I plan to pick up more of the blanket yarn and do different sizes for myself and the girls.

We had rain all night and most of the morning, so it was pretty damp when I did my morning rounds.

The cats inside even seem to be feeling it. This is what I woke up to.

Only DahBoy is missing, and he prefers to sleep on my older daughter’s bed. 😀

I even managed to slither out of bed without disturbing them. 😀

They stayed.

Earlier, I found our mama cat and Cheddar snuggling beside me. I pet them and they both sort of flopped over. Then I noticed Cheddar was burrowing oddly into our mama cat, and she was… rolling over…

Which is when I realized he was trying to nurse her, and she was letting him!

She’s just a feeeeew years beyond that possibility! 😀 Still, it really showed how totally and completely she has accepted our new addition.

After this, I got entertained by the outside cats! 😀

My usual sequence of putting cat kibble out is to top up the food in the sun room first, if it’s needed. Then the bowls outside, under the cover over the basement window. Next, I go to the bowl I’ve left for Junk Pile kitten, so he doesn’t have to fight other cats off for food. Then I bring food to the pump shack for Rosencrantz and Pump Shack kitten.

However, I usually end up with cats and kittens following me and eating up the food intended for the more feral kittens. I’ve taken to leaving little piles of kibble scattered about on the ground, so they can all eat and not fight each other.

This morning, I could hear Junk Pile kitten meowing from the junk pile, even before I opened up the sun room. He has gotten used to the routine and is starting to let us know when he’s hungry.

I’d left the other cats behind at the house, eating away, so I quickly emptied Junk Pile’s bowl of water and added some kibble.

Immediately, a cat ran in and started eating it.

I picked her up and moved her away, then rushed to add more piles of food to distract her.

Only then did I realize, she was not Butterscotch of Two-Face.

I had just picked up Rosencrantz!!

Once she was eating again, she even let me pet her.

Which is a HUGE step for her.


It didn’t take long for Beep Beep and Butterscotch to join in.

Even more amazing was Junk Pile was coming over as I poured the food into the bowl. Had it not been for the other cats, he would have been eating from that bowl.

Instead, he was here.


He was SO close! I was even able to put my hand on the log and he kept eating. It wasn’t until I tried to get closer that he finally got spooked and moved to another pile of food.

I am determined to socialize this cat! And his Pump Shack cousin. 🙂

These guys are such a joy. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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