Got it done!

We're having some pretty hot and humid days of late. Not heat like we've been having all summer, thankfully, but more "average for August" hot. Though it didn't rain last night, when I came out to do my morning rounds, the dew was so heavy, I would have though we'd had some, had everything else … Continue reading Got it done!

Smoked out

Today, we finally have cooler temperatures! According to the hourly forecasts, we should be at about 23C/73F right now, but we're still at only 18C/64F, which is awesome. There are still predictions of rain, all of which have been passing south of us. We desperately need rain. I've been reading about how it's affecting some … Continue reading Smoked out

We’re melting! Plus, vet trip arranged

Oh, my goodness! It is so incredibly warm out there right now! The Weather Network app on my desktop has not been working well with our intermittent internet connection, and often will not update at all, but the weather app that came with my computer seems to get through better. (Even while writing a post, … Continue reading We’re melting! Plus, vet trip arranged