Work done, things found and kitten fix

While doing my rounds yesterday evening, I decided to prune away the dead parts of the mock orange at the clothes line platform.

It did so well last year, it’s a shame so much of it died over the winter. At the same time, I was happy to see the tiniest of leaf buds struggling to emerge from some main branches. I pruned all the dead stuff off and cleared out some Virginia Creeper that was trying to re-establish itself. That’s a wheel barrow full, right there. Now that it’s all open and pruned, I’m thinking it will recover quite well.

While hauling this away, I also started picking up branches in the West yard that had come down in the storms. I kept finding more and more branches – most were just small enough to be hidden by the grass, but still be enough that I wouldn’t want to hit them with the mower! I probably cleared another 2 wheelbarrows worth from the West lawn, including the section behind the storage house. I found more in the maple grove. I’m glad I was able to mow as much as I did, as it made it easier to find the fallen branches. Branches that had fallen into the areas I still need to get to with the weed trimmer were almost completely hidden! I’m also glad I brought my pruners with me, because I ended up cutting away spirea and caragana that was trying to reclaim the spaces between the lilacs, plum and apple trees again. It’s going to be a constant battle to keep those under control!

Then I checked on the transplanted raspberries and found a surprise.

A single asparagus spear!

It wasn’t there a few days ago. It wasn’t there last year.

It may be that, after having cleared away the weeds and mulching the area, a hidden root was finally able to grow.

Of course, I did have to go into the sun room to get my pruning sheers, and managed to get this adorable picture.

All 10 kittens in 1 big cuddle pile!

Looking at the zoomed in photo, we could spot the new additions. The grey tabby with the leaking eyes is on the right, in the middle. There is an orange kitten on his back. That one has slightly crusty eyes, so we can tell that this one is his sibling. The orange one’s eyes aren’t leaky enough to actually get stuck shut, at least.

With the kittens finding a way to get into the bottom drawer of my tool dresser, I decided to empty it out (it had, among other things, knives stored in it!) and let them have it as their own hiding space. There had been a couple of jars of seeds in there, that I’d found while cleaning the sun room last year, and they had been knocked over. So I took the drawer out completely to spill out the seeds.

I was never able to put it back again.

As soon as the drawer was out, the space got filled with exploring kittens.

When Butterscotch joined them and stayed there, I just put the drawer on top of the dresser and let them have the space! The only thing I did later was to put one of the pieces of Styrofoam (which you can see above the kitten pile) on the concrete floor under the dresser.

I found this, this morning.

They don’t all fit on the one piece, so I’m thinking of finding a way to fit the other one in.

When I go in here in the mornings, one of the first things I do is open the storm door, so the moms can go outside, sliding the old bath transfer chair across to keep the door from slamming shut until I can secure it from the outside, later.

Would you look who came to visit!

No, she wasn’t coming to see her kittens.

She was hungry.

Her own kittens are asleep under the dresser. The other kittens – and the other mamas – where not too happy with her there. She had little interest in any of them. She went back outside, as soon as she heard me putting food in the outside bowls.

I was thinking about the new additions, and how Beep Beep and Butterscotch just took them in as their own.

Butterscotch is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s mother.

So she is nursing her own grandkitties!

If all goes to plan (and the cats are co-operative!), we’ll get photos of the kittens and the 2 moms this afternoon, and I can start posting them for adoption. We would really love it if they could have nice indoor forever homes.

The Re-Farmer

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