Garden finds, mystery squash, and pretty things

Heading out to do my morning rounds, it was already getting really hot. As I write this, we've reached 28C/82F, and we're still about 5 hours away from when the hottest part of the day usually hits. We've got forecasts for possible thundershowers this afternoon. I hope we at least get some rain, but I … Continue reading Garden finds, mystery squash, and pretty things

Furry things, pretty things and growing things

I tried to do another post last night, but simply could not load the WordPress editor, our internet was so crappy. My husband tells me it was working fine when he got up at 2am, which suggested that their system was overloaded, on top of the weather wreaking havoc on our signal. Satellite can only … Continue reading Furry things, pretty things and growing things


Today, for the first time since we had produce we could harvest from the garden this summer, I collected nothing at all this morning. Normally, I would have at least collected a few sunburst squash. With the cooler temperatures, though, the many little squashes out there are growing a lot more slowly. I like to … Continue reading Zero

Dark Sun

More and more of the sunflowers are opening up, and today I spotted one that's different. Most look like this. Bright, sunny, mostly yellow with light oranges and greens around the developing seeds. Then there was this one. The camera actually lightened it up a bit. Compared to the others, this one looks almost black … Continue reading Dark Sun