Critter of the Day: Junk Pile kitten

This photo goes back to June 18. This was one of the first times we saw Dave and Keith’s sibling, since their mom moved him out from under the concrete steps at the East door, and we weren’t entirely sure where they had moved to.

It was quite a surprise to see this handsome kitten traipsing around the yard by the junk pile.

What a handsome kitty!

Even then, not that long after we added them to the maternity ward, he was clearly quite a bit bigger than Dave and Keith.

Those eyes are just amazing!

When I discovered they were in the junk pile, I started leaving a bowl of kibble for them at the top. Mom was happy. Kitten was disinterested. 😀

Critter of the Day: Dave status

Our new indoor addition is settling in fairly well. He’s so tiny, we’ve had to supervise him rather closely, in case he got stuck somewhere. Plus, the other cats aren’t too keen on the new addition.

This is him next to my wireless phone charger. He can just barely clamber over it, when he wants to walk down the window sill. 😀

He looks almost regal and majestic, here.

This is more typical.

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Critter(s) of the Day: kit and cat

The kittens now eagerly await for the sun room door to be opened from the outside. When it opens, they just EXPLODE outside and start running around and exploring.

This little guy was investigating the garden hose. 😀

I also wanted to share this picture I got last night.

Guildenstern, in her favourite spot. So regal! Like a forest queen. 🙂

Posting might be a bit light over the next while, as we will be having a dear friend stay with us. I pick her up at the airport tomorrow, and we can hardly wait!