Down it goes

When things started to cool down, I did a check around the yard to see how things were.

No surprise at all to find that, having taken down a dead tree trunk recently, the still living but broken branch is was supporting has come down.


Unfortunately, it hasn’t broken completely.


The break is way too high for any attempt to cut it with the extended pruning saw.  I tried to pull and twist it, but it’s still hanging on.  All I managed to do was break of some smaller branches.

I’m just going to have to leave it for now.  As it dries up, it should eventually become brittle enough to pull down.

Meanwhile, it is basically blocking the path around to the back of the storage house that I was able to go through with the riding mower.  Which means that, when I do get the chance to mow, I’m going to have to find some way to either get it down, or somehow prop it to one side until I’m done mowing.

Oh, my!  As I wrote this post, some very dark clouds moved in from the West.  We’ve got storm warnings for that side of the province, though not as far us.  Hopefully, we’ll at least get some rain. According to my weather app, we should have heavy rain and a thunderstorm in 21 minutes.  Whether that actually hits us, we shall see!  The last few predictions of rain and storm missed us entirely.

The Re-Farmer



2 thoughts on “Down it goes

    • Looks like ours is done. Pretty minor storm. Some well appreciated rain. Lost internet for a while.

      One of the cities to the west of us got a short but violent storm, including large hail! We rarely get anything like that.

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