So Excited

My husband is awesome.


Kind, loving, fantastic, thoughtful, romantic.

He knows what makes my heart go pitter patter!

He got me an early birthday gift.   Kinda.  It’s not in yet.

Today included a late in the day trip to the city.  I was going to wait until after Canada Day to do the non-Costco grocery shopping, but I’ve learned there is a 24 hr Walmart in the city (except on Sundays; they close at 6pm on Sundays) and I have a planned trip there later in the month, so I figured now would be a good time to make sure I know the route, get the things I need, and still manage to miss out on the holiday weekend crowds.

There also happens to be a Home Depot basically across the street from it.

So after going online and narrowing down my birthday gift to 2 versions, my older daughter and I went into the city to look at them in the store and make a final decision.

After checking out various areas, we never found any version of it.

Eventually, I found a staff member at one of the computer terminals, talking to a customer on the phone, so I waited until she was done, then asked her about it.  She looked it up on the computer and…

… it’s only available through online ordering.


But, she tells me, there’s free shipping.  Delivery or pick up.

I mentioned we lived an hour’s drive north of the city, so I wouldn’t want to make another trip if I could avoid it.  Would they send it to the post office?  She wasn’t sure.

In the end, I decided to order it (she let me use the store’s computer until it got to the part where it needed her associate’s number! 😀 ), plugged in our address and…

… does not accept box numbers.

Okay.  I took that out and left just our physical address.

Much to my amazement, it accepted everything.  At the end, it said that I would be notified by email when the order was ready to ship, and that I wouldn’t be billed until it was ready for shipping.


We finish up, I thanked the poor, overwhelmed staff member profusely (SO many people came to her while I was inputting our info!), then walked away, looking around for my daughter.

I happened to have my phone out, so I saw right away when I got a notification from my banking software, informing me that my purchase just went through.

Looks like it’s in stock and ready for shipping!

If they really will deliver right to our home in the sticks, I foresee many more online purchases in the future!

Meanwhile, this is what I’m getting.

It’s a telescoping pole chain saw that converts to a regular chain saw.


I was really torn.  This version has an 8 inch blade and is only 6 amps, but the pole can be removed completely, and convert to a little electric chainsaw.  The other one I was looking at had a 10 inch blade, 8 amps, and you could pivot the blade head for angled cutting.

Both types extend to 15 feet.  Both are electric.  The one with the 10 inch blade was more expensive, of course.

In the end, I felt the ability to convert to a small chainsaw would be more useful than the extra blade length and power, or the ability to angle the blade head.  We have been intending to get one of the multiple chainsaws in our garage fixed, and we will still do that, but this way it’s not as much of a priority.  I might get one of the push mowers fixed right away, instead.

I can hardly wait for it to come in!!

Did I mention my husband is awesome?

The Re-Farmer

5 thoughts on “So Excited

    • *L*

      When my husband and I were engaged, I went out of my way to tell him that I’m the kind of woman who would LOVE kitchen appliances and tools as gifts. I’ve never been much of a flowers and pretty things person. I don’t wear jewelry except for special occasions; not even my wedding ring anymore (my dad almost lost a finger when his wedding ring got caught on a piece of equipment. He had to cut it off with tin snips!). So those sorts of things would be wasted on me.

      Power tools, on the other hand, will get me all aflutter. 😀 My wonderful husband is good with this. ❤


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