Trees: first quote


Goldfinch on our platform feeder.

I called two companies to get quotes about clearing our power lines, and removing the two trees that are a risk of falling on our roof.  One called this morning and will be coming out on Monday.  The other came today, so I have one quote now.

There are a LOT of trees that will need to be cut back.  There are the first group of trees in the south yard, the ones in the maple grove to the north of the house, the ones by the second power pole in the main garden, and finally the ones at the fence line as the lines exit the property.  One of the dead spruce trees will be taken down completely, as it is a risk for falling onto the lines, plus the two maples at leaning over the roof will be taken down completely.  They will be bringing a chipper for clean up, and after talking to him about that, I’ve said that we will keep the chippings.  He said the size of the chips are appropriate for composting, so that’s perfect for what I’ve got in mind for various areas.

Altogether, the quote is $1500 (plus, I assume, taxes, to about $1700 total).  For the number of trees they’ll be working on, I find this very reasonable, and we would be able to come up with the funds to get it done in the fall, rather than have to wait until spring.  Though when he saw the maple with the rot in it, he was visibly surprised that tree is still up, and was saying it might be better to not wait until fall!  I told him it’s been like that for years, and yeah, I’m in agreement with him on that.  But we will do it when we have the money.

So that’s one down!


Nuthatch on platform feeder.

After we get another quote on Monday, we will make a decision on which company to use and start setting aside funds.

I will be much relieved when this is finally done!

The Re-Farmer

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