Storm Status, and Easter baking

Well, it’s certainly snowing and blowing enthusiastically, out there!

That hasn’t stopped the birds from enjoying the suet feeder.

The driveway is so white right now, it’s messing with the camera’s ability to “see” it, making for some interesting rings of colours on there.

I took this screencap of the weather app on my desktop, just minutes ago. According to this, the worst is still yet to come. It is still conflicting with what’s showing on the weather radar.

Well, it will be what it will be. My main concern is with the high winds, of course. When this is over, we’ll have to do a walk-about to see if any more dead trees have come down, or what branches have fallen.

From the looks of the weather radar, the most severe conditions are hitting the US, as the system sweeps across the Eastern states. I hope those of you living in those states are keeping safe!

While it’s snowing and blowing, we got some bread baking done.

A two-loaf recipe was divided into four small loaves. The prettiest one will be for our Easter basket.

Since I was baking bread anyhow, I made a batch of oatmeal bread, also divided into four small loaves instead of two regular loaves. That way, we get a loaf each. 😀

I’m looking forward to having one of them with a big bowl of chili, once it cools down enough. 🙂

The Re-Farmer

So many critters!

We’re getting another warm day today. The forecast was for 1C/34F as the high, hte we were already at that temperature before it was fully light out! Now I’m seeing a high of 2C/36F for this afternoon, but I would not be surprised if we passed it.

The critters do seem to be enjoying the mild tempertures!

Chadicous, of course, was determined to be stepped on.

The heated water bowl was completely empty again. My suspicions that deer have found it were semi-confirmed last night, when I glanced out the kitchen window and saw one at the small gate in the chain link fence. No tracks that I could see around the water bowls, though.

While putting kibble into the trays in the kibble house, I had more cats coming for pets than for food. Including *drumroll please*

The Distinguished Guest!

Yes, I got to give our new addition a thorough petting and ear skritching. 😀 I still can’t walk up to her, but at least she’s willing to walk up to me, now.

I even got to pet my brother’s dog, who came for a visit this morning, though the cats were not happy to see him! 😀

This pair of deer are morning regulars, enjoying the bird seed. It’s not the best photo I got of them with my phone, through the living room window, but when I saw the chickadee caught in mid flight, I just had to post it!

Later on, my husband looked out the kitchen window and spotted a big cat going by the barn, to the old hay yard.

And by “big cat”, he actually meant a *big* cat. Most likely a bobcat. I know they are around, but have never seen one, yet.

As for the inside critters…

… here is Keith, getting some major cuddles from Beep Beep.

Keith didn’t seem to have many issues last night. He was noisier while Beep Beep was lying across him than he was before. 😀 My daughter has brought him into the bathroom with her so he could get a steam treatment while she showered. 🙂

I don’t know if he’s any better. I can only say for sure that he’s not worse. Still not much appetite, but he seems to be moving around more. I think it will be a while before we can say for sure whether the anti-biotics are helping or not.

We shall see!

The Re-Farmer

Morning critters; a bird attack?

As usual, in my morning routine, I visited the kittens.

David dashed downstairs to visit them, too.

It’s so funny to watch how he interacts with them! The kittens are quite happy to include him in their play, while he seems torn between “I wanna play, too” and “stay away from me, you strange creatures.”

Speaking of strange creatures…

… Creamsicle was in fine form this morning! What a drama queen. 😀

After dropping my daughter off at work this morning, I decided to play a bit of Pokemon Go before heading home. I was parked by a gym and playing the game when I heard something hit the side of the van.

It was a goldfinch, at the middle window.

Now, my first thought was that the bird was disoriented by reflections in the window and accidentally flew into the glass.

But it stayed, fluttering away at the glass, making its way across to the front door’s window, and sat there, at the bottom of the glass, looking at me.

When it seemed to be staying there, I opened the camera on my phone. I thought I’d lost my moment when it seemed to be flying away, but nope.

It went to the front windshield and proceeded to try and peck its way in!

This went on for several minutes! I did try and get video, but my phone’s camera does not do zoom well, and the video was horribly pixelated.

I don’t know why the bird did this, but it certainly made my morning! 😀

The Re-Farmer

The reality of things

I’ve been told I should make sure to add warnings before I post certain things, so I’ll start with that. Towards the end of this post, there are pictures of a dead bird.

Aside from that, during my morning rounds, I did get photos of Two Face. Her wound is healing quite nicely. You can hardly tell where it is, if you’re not looking for it!

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