The reality of things

I’ve been told I should make sure to add warnings before I post certain things, so I’ll start with that. Towards the end of this post, there are pictures of a dead bird.

Aside from that, during my morning rounds, I did get photos of Two Face. Her wound is healing quite nicely. You can hardly tell where it is, if you’re not looking for it!

She can credit my wanting to check her neck for my not taking her out of the kibble bin right away! đŸ˜€

As soon as I was done my morning rounds and feeding of critters, I headed into town. The first stop was to pick up prescription refills at the pharmacy.

Which reminds me; in doing our taxes yesterday, we were able to claim the amount we pay out of pocket. That meant going to the insurer’s website and seeing our claims for the year. We had a 5 page pdf, and 4 1/2 pages were just my husband’s. Thank God for private insurance! His prescriptions alone, including supplies for his CPAP, was over $9,000. With mine, it was just under $10,000 for the year. We pay only 10% out of pocket.

If we didn’t have insurance, we would not be able to pay for these prescriptions. That’s a significant percentage of my husband’s disability payments, even taking into account that his private insurance payments are 60% of his income before he went on long term disability. I have no idea how we would manage without his really excellent insurance plan!

Yes, we in Canada do still need private insurance, even though we have “free” medicare, which we pay for through our taxes. I’m grateful for both.

Speaking of which…

Once I was done at the pharmacy, I was finally able to go to the clinic we used to go to, and drop off the forms to get our medical files transferred to the new doctor. I picked up the forms when I took my mother in for her appointment, and after they printed out labels with our information for each form, I was told I needed to take them to our old clinic. The forms required our signatures, a witness signature, and a doctor’s signature. We signed ours, then I brought them in to the clinic. I wasn’t sure how the doctor’s signature would work, since our previous doctor is no longer in this province.

The first receptionist I spoke to was confused. According to her, it was the new doctor that’s supposed to sign the form! We had the exact same problem when my mom transferred her files over, too. Old and new clinics both said the other clinic needed to sign the forms.

When I explained the problem, she suggested I wait for the other receptionist, who worked with our previous doctor. She was just as perplexed – though she did witness both our signatures, at least. She tried calling the new clinic, but didn’t get through. In the end, she said for me to just leave the forms with her. She would try calling them again later and work it out. Usually, the new doctor would sign the form and that clinic would fax the form, with all signatures, to the old clinic. My guess is, she’ll fax the form with our signatures to the new clinic, the doctor will sign them, then fax the forms back again to the old clinic.

Which is pretty silly.

There is normally a fee for this. When I got the forms, I asked what it would be, and was told she didn’t know; we would have to pay the old clinic, and each clinic can charge their own rates. Now, I’m not so sure anymore! Given that we had to get a new doctor because our old doctor left the province, I wonder if the fees might get waived.

I guess I’ll find out the next time we see our new doctor!

I was assured she would get our files transferred, though, whatever it took!

As much as I like the new doctor, I will miss this woman! She was always beyond awesome.

That done, I could finally head home. When I arrived, my daughter let me know that a bird had hit the window while I was gone, hard enough to kill it! It was still where it fell, so I went out to check on it. I was expecting a chickadee or something – a blue jay, at most – so it was a surprise to see what looked like a small grouse!

I gloved up and moved it away from the house.

Poor thing!

While this is a larger bird than I expected to find, grouse can get much bigger than this.

I left it by the spruces, knowing that nothing goes to waste in nature, and something would get a good meal out of the bird.

It didn’t take long.

Butterscotch had followed me, and once she realized what I’d left in the snow, she claimed it! This bird is big enough to feed at least a couple of cats, so I expect others will enjoy a feast, too.

Just one of the realities that’s a lot more in-you-face when living in the country; that cycle of life and death. Something has to die, for other things to live.

There’s just no getting away from that, is there?

The Re-Farmer

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