Broken. Like our system

Okay. I think this is going to be a difficult post to write. To recap for our new followers (Welcome! Thanks for joining us!); about a year and a half ago, my husband ended up in the emergency room for what turned out to be pulmonary edema. He spent the night in the hospital, was … Continue reading Broken. Like our system

Get a little bit closer, and a follow up

I headed out to water things this evening, but got distracted. Junk Pile and two of her babies were out! I ended up lying right on the ground, in hopes that would make them less intimidated by the tall(ish) human. Creamsicle took full advantage of the situation. What a silly boy! Tabby didn't come any … Continue reading Get a little bit closer, and a follow up

A little friend, and change of (medical) plans

While picking cucalmelons this morning, I found a little friend! We've been seeing LOTS of frogs about this size, every time we to go through the garden beds. Usually, they hop off too quickly for me to get photos, but this one didn't move! He was even okay with the cucamelon leaves being pulled aside. … Continue reading A little friend, and change of (medical) plans


It was a hot day to be taking my mother for her medical appointment in a van with no air conditioning! It was already cooling down when I took the above screencap. 28C/82F, with the humidex bringing it to 35C/95F From the weather radar, I don't expect to get that predicted thunderstorm; it appears to … Continue reading Melting

A hint of what this August looks to be like

Today, the girls held down the fort while I headed out early to take my mother for a doctor's appointment - her first since things were just starting to shut down. Most appointments were being cancelled - thankfully, not hers - and they were only doing phone appointments. The clinic is still doing "walk ins" … Continue reading A hint of what this August looks to be like