Another one gone. :-(

So... we seem to have a problem. Butterscotch's third orange kitten died today. I checked on them this morning. Beep Beep's kittens were sleeping in a pile, and she had even come to the stairs to greet me when I came down, before dashing back into her nest. Butterscotch was in her nest, sitting like … Continue reading Another one gone. 😦

Beep Beep: Mighty Huntress

(Circle of Life warning) Of all the outside cats, Beep Beep is notably the smallest, in every way.  Yet, now that she's got kittens to feed, she is proving to be a Mighty and Prolific Huntress. Case in point. Earlier today, I was hearing an odd meowing outside my office window.  A very unusual sort … Continue reading Beep Beep: Mighty Huntress