Goodbye, Keith

An older photo of Keith.

Keith passed away peacefully during the night. When I found him this morning, he looked like he was having a lovely little snooze.

My older daughter and I buried him this morning. At first, we were going to bury him under a willow, where there used to be a flower bed, but there were too many roots under the first few inches of soil. Knowing we could not be able to dig very deep, and not wanting critters to do damage, my daughter went looking for something to use as a cover while I decided to dig among the white lilacs.

We have horrible, rock hard, rock filled soil on top of hard clay and rocks. But we traded off and made progress, until we hit some much bigger roots. We took a hatched to those, only to find a large rock under them. After much digging around it, we realized it was just too big and was not going to move.

We were able to bury Keith, though, and cover his grave.

It seems rather appropriate that as soon as everything was in place, a kitten decided to play on the spot.

The bench was returned and will add an extra level of protection. Once the ground is frozen, we won’t have to be concerned about it. In the spring, we will add soil and plant something over his grave.

Good bye, Keith.

How strange that we would suddenly lose Keith, when Leyendecker was the one who as so very ill. He has been active, has a good appetite and is overall looking so much better… but still doesn’t seem to be able to void properly. My daughter wants to have his blood tested again before making a final decision, to confirm one way or the other, whether his is recovering.

Right now, I just feel so tired.

And not because I just spent more than an hour fighting a losing battle with a big rock.

The Re-Farmer

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