Ginger update: morning cuddles

The Ginger bug is learning to enjoy us humans! After we gave him his morning medications, my daughter held him while I checked the incisions. While giving him his medications last night, one of my daughters noticed a discoloration, but he would not let her take a closer look. He was more cooperative, this morning. … Continue reading Ginger update: morning cuddles

Ginger bug update: not a happy camper! :-D

I visited Ginger this morning, while starting my morning rounds and before my daughter came over with his medications and the new surgical shirt. He enjoyed the visiting part, at least! I even managed to get several usable pictures. Doesn't he look completely malevolent? 😀 He's actually really enjoying the scritches. Then he started rolling … Continue reading Ginger bug update: not a happy camper! 😀

This and that, and… why have my fonts changed?

I did some unexpected running around yesterday and didn't have a chance to post. Now that I am, I'm seeing that the title font in my editor has changed. I did not change the default font. I'm not even sure how I would do that! Well, we'll see if anything is different after I hit … Continue reading This and that, and… why have my fonts changed?