Hmm… this could be why

First up, I just wanted to let people know that Two Face’s injury was looking really good today. It was hard to see it, not only because she wouldn’t stop moving, but because the fur around the injury is cleaner and fluffy enough to hide the patch of missing fur, almost completely. We did apply an antibiotic cream to it last night, but that was more of a just-in-case, than a need.

She is going to be just fine.

The rest of us… not so much, it seems! LOL

Today has felt like a very non-productive day. My plans to continue things like working on the basement, quickly went away. My patella have been dancing around all day, and while it didn’t particularly hurt, my knees felt really unstable. Taking just the two steps between the old and new parts of the house required heavy use of the arm bars, and doing them one at a time. Taking the stairs to the basement was out of the question.

As I hobbled around the house, my daughters asked if I was okay, and I told them what was going on. That;s when my daughters both mentioned that they were having joint issues lately, too. My husband, meanwhile, has been having a really bad pain week and has really been struggling.

After finding this out, on a hunch, I checked the liquid barometer we recently cleaned and refilled.

Well… it definitely still works!

We’ve had a significant change in air pressure lately, and it looks like we’re all feeling it. Yes, I know that supposedly people don’t really respond to changes in air pressure, but my knees say otherwise!

Things have been relatively warm lately, and it had been a lovely, sunny day for most of today. I made a quick trip to the post office this morning, before it closed for the afternoon (my darling husband had a package come in, which included some steel circular saw attachments for my Dremel! What a sweetheart!), and had to make way for 5 deer crossing the road at one point! The deer are a lot more active as the days have warmed up. I just kinda wish they’d come by the feeding station at times we’re awake to see them a bit more often! 😀

The bright sun and blue skies didn’t last, however! My daughter had a staff meeting at work today, after the pharmacy closed, so we headed out in the early evening. By then, it was blowing pretty good, and starting to snow.

I ran some errands around town while my daughter was at her meeting – including filling the gas tank when I saw the prices had dropped from $1.079 per litre to $0.999. (That works out to about $4.316/$3.996 per gallon, or US$3.23/$2.99 per gallon, as there is about 4L to 1 gallon.) I did a quick run to the grocery store, and even in the time it took to go in, then return to the van, the snow was coming down noticeably heavier.

By the time we headed home, barely more than an hour after arriving in town, the snow was much heavier, with just enough covering the roads to make it very difficult to see where the lanes were, but not enough to cause drifts. The winds had picked up as well, and visibility was pretty awful. We ended up doing 60-70 km/h on highway, instead of the 100 km/h speed limit – and no one was passing anybody along the way! Even as I write this, I have the live feed to the security camera on the garage in my view, and all I see is streaks of snow, with the occasional blackout, as the lens gets completely inundated every now and then.

I did get one thing accomplished today, at least. I did taxes for my husband and I. I really dislike that it’s all online now, instead of downloadable software. I also disliked having to do our taxes completely, before I could put in the access code that showed I already paid for it. We picked up the software at Costco – at least that’s what I thought we did, so it was disorienting to open the box and find it empty. The card with the access code was tucked between layers of cardboard, so I didn’t even see that at first.

But it’s done and filed. We still need to find out about my husband’s past taxes. We had to get my husband’s doctor from before the move to redo the paperwork for the Disability Tax Credit, because Canada Revenue never got it (or… someone got the paperwork but never processed it; that’s something we’ve had happen before). Since we’re in a different province now, the new forms had to be mailed to his old doctor, and I included a self-addressed stamped envelop so he could mail it back to us, so that we could then mail it to this province’s tax office. Convoluted, but it worked. We got a confirmation letter not long ago, backdating his qualification to 2014. That means we have to get Canada Revenue to reassess his taxes for 2014-2016. I’m just not sure how we are supposed to go about that, yet. :-/ The forms did include giving Canada Revenue permission to redo past tax returns, so theoretically it should be done automatically. I just don’t expect that to happen!

Ah, well. We’ll figure it out. I’m just happy to have this year’s taxes filed and done with!

The Re-Farmer

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