Of fences and a wounded cat

Part of my morning routine, after I’ve done my rounds and switched out the memory cards on the trail cams, is to review what the cameras recorded.

It’s not unusual for me to see things they recorded that we miss completely, otherwise. Like all the deer that go past one of the cameras while we are in bed.

Every now and then, though, I catch something that I should have seen myself, but somehow missed!

Like the top line of barbed wire on a fence being damaged!

While going through the trail cam videos a couple of mornings ago, I saw that something had startled a couple of deer out of our yard. The motion sensor was triggered by one deer that very quickly ran out of sight, but the camera was still recording when the second deer jumped the fence and disappeared.

It’s hind legs caught on the top of the fence.

It wasn’t slowed down in the least, and if I hadn’t seen the top fence wire shaking, I wouldn’t have noticed it. It was pretty dark at the time, and only a short length of wire was visible in the infrared flash, much closer to the camera itself.

It wasn’t until a deer was recorded at about sunrise that I noticed the top fence wire was no longer straight.

I tried going back to previous videos to see if I could tell when this happened. It was too dark to see the barbed wire in most of them, but I did find another deer! 😀 A group of 4 deer were recorded, but as I tried to see in the darkness, I spotted a pair of eyes, barely reflected in the background. It was a group of 5 deer in that file, with 2 more that followed immediately after!

It’s been very busy for deer lately. Just yesterday evening, while driving home from town after picking up my daughter from work, we saw at least 24 of them in one of the corn fields that couldn’t be harvested last year! My daughters counted as fast as they could as we drove past, and there may actually have been more than the 2 dozen they managed to count. What an amazing sight!

As for the damaged fence, I had actually walked right past that fence shortly before checking the file. I even paused to look at the deer tracks where they jump over. Yet, somehow, I didn’t see that the top wire was down!

The next time I did my rounds, I made a point of checking the condition of the fence. The barbs of the top wire were hung up on the middle one, so I unhooked that.

Happily, the wire itself was not broken. It’s just dangling at a couple of posts.

The U nails were simply yanked right out of the wood. One U nail was still on the wire, caught in a barb. There’s no sign of the other.

I made sure to check the barbs themselves, right where the deer jump the fence.

It looks like the deer’s feet caught the wire in between the barbs. There is no sign of blood or even fur on the top wire. I was surprised to see so much fur caught in the barbs of the middle one, though! There is one deer I’m seeing on the trail cam videos that never jumps the fence. She ducks under it. I would have expected more fur on the bottom wire’s barbs than the middle one, because of this. Interesting.

I look forward to not having barbed wire fences, some day!

While doing this morning’s rounds, I was – as usual – greeted by the outside cats. Two Face has been one of the more eager ones, and she is enjoying being carried around. Yesterday, when giving her scritches, I felt some matted fur at her neck, like it was damp. She moves constantly, but I was still able to see a patch of fur that looked like it had been wet.

This morning, I could see why!

She wouldn’t stop moving, making it very hard to examine it. Just getting a picture was difficult, but I got a better view of the wound in this photo, than I could get otherwise. It looks like it’s just a surface wound. Like the fur has been pulled out. That’s a relief. It’s been there at least couple of days, and it doesn’t look like there’s any infection. It doesn’t seem to bother her, even when I accidentally rubbed it, before I knew she had a wound.

My guess is, a male has been trying to have his way with her, and she’s been fighting him off.

It looks like I’ll be making an unplanned trip into town today, and see what the vet has that we can use to treat it and prevent infection. 😦

The Re-Farmer

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