Time to put my feet up

Today, my husband finally had his appointment in at the heart clinic in the city. It was in the afternoon, but they say to come in 45 minutes early. We figured out when we would have to leave to make it with plenty of time, then left a half hour earlier than that, for time to pick up gas along the way.

It was a very good thing we did!

Not long after we left the town we fueled up in, we drove right into a downpour.

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Home! (and cat cuddles)


My husband is home from the hospital today!

It is so good to have him back!


Even the cats missed him. They have been super cuddly. I’ve been waking up with these two, fighting to get under the covers with me. Mama cat won; she’s still under the covers in this picture, and Fenrir settled for sprawling on top of them.

Which left me with one arm stuck out, and unable to put my phone away. This was handy when I started getting messages from my husband, telling me he would be able to come home by 10 or 10:30.

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Ready and waiting – an update

Well, my husband’s replacement hospital bed arrived this morning!


Though I am perplexed.

I thought he was approved for a heavier weight bearing bed. Instead, he got the exact same bed as before. Which is rated to above what my husband is, but that didn’t stop the other one from starting to break.

The mattress, however, is an “ultra” version that has a higher weight rating. It’s also thinner at the foot end, which I found interesting.

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What happened to spring? (and update)

We had a lovely, if windy, day yesterday. With the snow mostly gone, I found something interesting in the remains of the straw bale we got to cover our septic tank.


These holes in the straw were all around it. They don’t go very deep. Clearly, small critters were taking advantage of the shelter it provided, but whatever they were, they had no interest in burrowing.

I’m glad it got used by critters that way. 🙂

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Bonus critter, fire hazards, yard stuff and update

The last couple of days have been very windy. I’d hoped to start cleaning up the fallen twigs and branches around the yard by now, but we’re not quite there, yet.

While putting out feed for the birds and deer, I thought I would do one thing, though. There is a bird house on a post outside our dining room window that has a tree growing next to it. The tree has a couple of trunks growing out of its base, one of which is growing against the post, pushing it aside. I figured this would be a good time to try and shift the one trunk to the other side of the post. This way, it might start pushing the post straight again.

That didn’t quite work.

It broke off completely.


As you can see from the stump, this is not the first time it has broken! Though the tree only put out 2 or 3 cherries – the only reason we figured out what the tree was – it was in full leaf and seemed to be strong and healthy, so it was a bit of a surprise to see how dry and half-rotted the base turned out to be. It makes me wonder about the one part that’s still there.

We shall see how it does, this year.

Before heading out to see my husband in the hospital, we had a new visitor.

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A bit of levity, and an update

One of the first things I do every morning is check the weather.

This is what I saw, yesterday morning.

Just so you know, 46C is 114F.

The error even stayed there for most of the day. LOL

It’s possible it was accidentally in Fahrenheit, which would make it about 8C, but we didn’t have a high of 8C the day before – we barely got above 0C – so that doesn’t make sense, either.

At least it was good for a giggle!

We’ll take what we can get! 😉

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A light at the end of the tunnel?

After I wrote about our foggy morning, yesterday, my daughter and I headed to town for her shift.

Locally, we had a light, moody fog. By the time we left, it was pretty much gone.

On the way to town, we drove into a wall of fog, that just kept getting denser as we got closer to the lake!

I took this picture in the grocery store parking lot.


Keep in mind that my phone’s camera cleans visibility up quite a bit with smoke or fog, so in real life, the visibility was actually much less. Even so, I would normally be able to see several buildings, including the hospital my husband is in, from here!

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