Oh, what a day this turned out to be. I'm looking at the time and wondering why it's not several hours later, because this day has felt much longer than normal! But first, I share the pleasantly unexpected thing. As I finished up my outdoor morning routine and headed for the house, I noticed something … Continue reading Unexpected

Settling in, little by little

I did my rounds around the yard this evening, and it's really something to see how everything is settling in for the winter. While I have been fighting those invasive vines all over the place all summer, there is one area where I am keeping them.  They are, after all, quite pretty, when under control!  … Continue reading Settling in, little by little

Today’s Critters, and getting things done

We only had one thing scheduled for today.  Doctor's appointments for my husband and myself, booked one right after the other. Ah, the best laid plans. First up, though... the morning critters! The deer came out before I had a chance to go out with fresh feed.  Hungry Girl came first, by herself, and seemed … Continue reading Today’s Critters, and getting things done

The Deer Came Back – plus insurance update

First, an update on my medical insurance situation. I got a call back from the insurance company "about my rejected claim."  So that's how the failure to get coverage on my prescriptions showed up at their end. When I spoke to them before, they were confused to find that, while everything looked as it should … Continue reading The Deer Came Back – plus insurance update