Life goes on

I want to thank those who reached out to me after my post about the various situations we’re having to deal with on the property. Your kind words and encouragement are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The night I wrote about all that, one more thing got added to the list.

My husband broke a tooth!

A chunk of the inside of a molar came off while he was eating popcorn. And no, he didn’t even accidentally bite into an unpopped kernel!

He spent the night in a fair bit of pain because of it – which is saying a lot, considering the level of pain killers he is on, on a daily basis, for his back injury. The dentist’s office I went to when I had my own dental emergency a while back, opened at 9am, so my husband phoned as soon as they opened. Thankfully, they were able to squeeze an appointment in for him in the afternoon.

We headed in early, so he could do their paperwork first. The usual first time patient stuff. Of course, that includes questions about health issues and medications. He’s on so many of them, it was actually easier for him to email the list to them. Which is funny, because he did that from his tablet in the waiting room, to the reception desk just a few feet away. πŸ˜€

I love technology.

The appointment took a longer time than usual. They froze his tooth, but as soon as the dentist started working on it, it was clear it wasn’t enough! He ended up getting the area frozen two more times before they could finally work on it, and each time needed a waiting period for it to take effect. It was something like 2 hours, maybe a bit longer, before he was done.

Thankfully, the dentist was able to save the tooth.

Also, once again, I am so thankful we have such excellent insurance. It cost under $30 when he was done!

When we got home, I made sure to pull up to the house, and he just caned it in, rather than fight with the walker. I wrestled the walker out of the van, then left it by the door while I went to park the van in the garage.

This is what I found when I got back.

The cats just love walkers! Beep Beep (on the seat) used to do this when my dad went outside with his water, too. πŸ˜€

(And yes, my husband has lights on his walker – red on port, green on starboard, of course! LOL)

We’ve had quite a mild winter, so far, but yesterday the temperatures began to plummet. The ambient temperature isn’t too bad – it was about -18C (-0.4F) at the time we left, but the wind chill was at about -31C (-24F). That isn’t stopping the cats from going outside, though!

I’m happy to say the sun room is consistently about 5-10 degrees warmer than outside. The cats are making use of the insulated cat condo I rigged up out of cardboard boxes. When I came in to feed them yesterday morning, I found Big Jim looking at me from the upper level, and Doom Guy looking at me from one of the bottom level boxes!

I’m also seeing the outside cats coming over from either under the storage house, or from the old dog houses, when I first come out in the mornings. The area and shelf we tarped over next to the sun room is also being used quite bit. I ended up moving a food bowl into one of the old dresser drawers I put there, with rigid insulation on the “floor”, and they very clearly prefer it being there, rather than on the sidewalk blocks, even though I have pieces of insulation under the bowls there, too.

The winds have been rough on the tarp, tearing it loose from the rail and the shelf I have it stapled to. Just on one end, though, where the wind whips around from behind the house. I was fixing that up a bit this morning, and noticed the shelf itself was being pulled forward and rocking as I worked. There was an accumulation of snow on the tarp that was weighing it down and pulling the shelf forward. So I went to clear that up.

It wasn’t just snow.

With some of the warmer days we’ve had over the past while, some of the snow had melted, froze, then got covered with more snow. There isn’t a lot of snow, so that explained why there was so much weight! I had to removed several large chunks of ice before I could clear away the remaining loose snow.

As soon as I was done, Two Face jumped up, settled on the tarp like it was some sort of hammock, and stayed there! πŸ˜€

With the temperatures dropping so much, and my daughter having fewer shifts now that the busy Christmas season is done, you’d think we could stay home more, but nope. Today, I had to go into town again, to pick up my husband’s prescription refills for the month, as well as more test strips and lancets. It totaled just under $70, which means that, without insurance, it would have cost us almost $700.

Have I mentioned how thankful I am we have such a good insurance plan?


Tomorrow, my daughter has an appointment with the vet to get little Susan fixed. So when we saw her as we got back from town, my other daughter tried to catch her to bring her in.

We now have 6 cats in the house.


We have to make sure she doesn’t eat after 8pm. We drop her off at the vet at 9am, then pick her up at 4. She then has to stay indoors for 2 weeks while she heals.

She has settled in remarkably well. The other cats were very curious, but aside from a few growls – mostly from Susan – there has been no issues. She does, however, prefer the company of us humans right now!

The hard part is going to be sending her outside again, after 2 weeks. Unless we can get her adopted out, but since we adopted out a few in the summer, we’ve had no one show interest in any of them, at all.

Meanwhile, the one I really want to bring inside permanently is little Keith, Dave’s brother. Every time we go outside, he comes over and wants us to cuddle him! He’s so much calmer than the other cats, too.


It’ll work out.

I just need to keep telling myself that! πŸ˜€

The Re-Farmer

4 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. Mild is clearly relative when you have photos of chopping up the ice so the cats can drink, LOL.

    Was funny when I moved back here from Atlanta… My mom thought I was crazy for running around without a jacket in 50 degrees (10C) weather. I’d just laugh and tell her that was a heat wave in the winter in Georgia. πŸ˜›

    Glad they were able to save the tooth and it was comparitively affordable to get it taken care of. πŸ™‚ Sure seems like somebody upstairs is testing your limits with all this mess. 😦

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