One down, more to go!

Well, the deed is done.

Little Susan had an appointment with the vet, yesterday, and she is now recovering from surgery!

Since we had to make sure to 1) have her available to take to the vet in the first place and 2) make sure she didn’t eat anything after 8pm the night before, we brought her into the house as quickly as we could catch her, the day before.

It’s not that she was actively trying to escape us. She just wasn’t interested in being picked up or anything.

Once inside, it was… interesting.

The other cats – especially the younger ones – were very curious. Dave kept chirping at her, trying to get her attention. She must have smelled familiar to him, but he was mostly blind with eye goobers until we brought him inside, so I doubt she would have looked familiar to him! Cheddar, on the other hand, probably recognized her.

Susan, meanwhile, much preferred the company of us humans, and would growl and hiss at the other cats. Even when they just walked past. 😀

All the cats seem to love one spot on my bed, and Susan quickly discovered it and claimed it. David, Cheddar and Fenrir all jumped up to check her out, and she just lay there and growled or hissed at them.

This seemed to keep most of the cats at least at a distance.

Cheddar, however, ignored her.

He just curled up next to her and went for a nap.

So she let him. 😀

That night, the snow started to fall.

It was still falling by the time we headed into town.

The forecasts were calling for 10-15 cm (4-6 inches). I figure we got about 20cm/8 inches in our area. This is the first major snowfall since the blizzard back in October. There was a lot more snow, then, but it was also a lot warmer, which made the snow extremely wet and heavy. Thankfully, this snowfall was the light and fluffy stuff. This meant I wasn’t too concerned about the undercarriage of our van dragging along the top of the snow as we drove on the gravel roads.

Once on the highway, things were much clearer, with the winds blowing the snow straight across rather than accumulating. Plus, the plows had probably come out during the night, though to be honest, I couldn’t tell by the time we were on the road.

Visibility – or lack of it – was more of a problem than the snow. The closer we got to town, the clearer it became, but after dropping Susan off and nearing home, we found the visibility even worse than when we left.

I wanted to make sure we shoveled and used the snow blower before things accumulated too much. Once we were home again, I layered up and headed out. By then, thankfully, the system had passed on and the snow stopped falling before I was ready to use the snow blower.

Which took longer than expected.

I had started up the gas powered machine during the blizzard. I couldn’t use it, since the snow was too wet and heavy, but I at least knew it was running.

This time, it just wouldn’t start.

It was also leaking fuel.

After several attempts to get it going and stop the fuel leak, I finally put it away and broke out the little electric snow blower, Spewie.

That poor little thing. We put it through far more than it was made to do! Unfortunately, it would sometimes just stop running. The first time it stopped, I thought a plug had come undone. Because of how large an area we needed to clear, I had both our 100ft extension cords going. That’s a lot of cord to drag through the snow! 😀 In the shed, I have a shorter extension cord (another 30 feet) that is plugged into a power bar that’s attached to the wall, then I have it running across the ceiling and out the door. From wall to Spewie, that meant 4 plugs to check, and they were all secure.

Trudging back and forth in deep, loose snow is very exhausting!

I eventually realized I had tripped the power bar. All I had needed to do was push the reset button. 😀

I had to hit the reset button many times for the next few hours!

While a daughter shoveled paths in the yard, we were able to get the entire driveway done, including a large space in front of the garage, so we have room to turn the vehicles around. Eventually, I’ll have to clear a lane into the yard, too, but that will wait for another day. It took several hours just to do as much as we did. At one point, after going into the shed to reset the power bar yet again, I decided to have a seat on the riding mower and take a break. My daughter came in while I was scraping the snow off the inside of my glasses, and offered to finish the job for me. What a sweetheart!

When it was time to head into town to pick up Susan, we found that plowing had started on the main gravel road. Just half of it was done at the time, but the highway and main road through our little hamlet was clear and the intersections already sanded. It was a much more pleasant drive!

Susan, we were told, did very well at the vet.

Oh, I didn’t even think to look. A tattoo is included with a spay/neuter in this clinic. I’ll have to see how that’s healing up. She also got a rabies shot, which cost extra. When my daughter paid the bill, we got a printout with care instructions, including things like not letting her eat right away, keeping her in a kennel or enclosed in a small room for a few hours, no exercise, avoiding stairs, etc.

The other cats were very, very curious about her when we got back!

She ended up spending a few hours with me in my office/bedroom, so she wouldn’t be stressed out by the other cats. It was quite some time before she got comfortable enough to loll about, and I finally saw the incision site.

That is huge!

We’ve actually never done a female before, but still, I was expecting a small shaved area and a small incision. Nope. They shaved almost her entire belly. And look at the size of that incision! There’s a silver, metallic looking substance on the area, too.

The sparkly bandage is a cute touch. 🙂

She seems to be just fine. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her at all, and she hasn’t been trying to lick at it. In fact, as I write this, she is curled up on the bed behind me and while she is grooming herself, she is not trying to lick the shaved area at all.

She now has to stay indoors for 7-10 days. That, according to the instructions, is how long we have to try and keep her inactive.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for us to adopt her out, so we don’t have to send her outside again.

My husband keeps saying “you know she’s staying inside, right?”


We already have too many cats indoors.

Now that Susan is done, the next one on the list is Two Face.

Assuming we don’t manage to adopt her out, first! 🙂

The Re-Farmer

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