Stubborn Kitty!

After getting Butterscotch's wound stitched, and keeping her in the house overnight, we've been keeping an eye on her to make sure she is doing okay. As much as possible, anyhow. She is not making it easy! I had to zoom in, just to get a picture of her NOT letting me come close, this … Continue reading Stubborn Kitty!

Back outside: Butterscotch recovery update

We ended up keeping Butterscotch indoors, overnight. After 2 hours in the carrier, she was certainly more active and alert after the anesthetic wore off, but she was totally cracked out! We did not feel it would be safe for her to be outside, yet. She got the basement all to herself for the night. … Continue reading Back outside: Butterscotch recovery update

Cat on a … cold, snowy roof! Plus a trip to the vet

I spotted movement in an unexpected place while doing my rounds this morning, and just had to try for some photos! Yes, that is a cat butt. This old shed's roof is falling apart, and it looked like she was trying to decide if she could jump down through one of the holes. Wise kitty … Continue reading Cat on a … cold, snowy roof! Plus a trip to the vet