The girls and I were able to get out for a wonderful visit with my older brother today. We had a fantastic time, and we got a tour of their yard, including the hundreds of new trees they planted!

Gotta love having a big enough yard to be able to do something like that. 😀

Blue Spruce tips

This picture is of one of their blue spruces that they planted years ago, looking nice and healthy, in spite of the dryness. What a difference it makes when something is planted with planning and care! At least some of the blue spruce I have found here would have been planted at about the same time, give or take a year or two, and should be looking more like this. Hopefully, with the clearing I’ve done, the surviving ones will recover.

Of course, the RCMP called me back after we left. I wasn’t expecting a follow up call so soon! The officer is going to call again this evening, so I’m staying near the phone now.

It’s been one heck of a day, outside. While there were high winds at my brother’s, the winds are even higher here at home. I’ve already done a check around the yard. There are lots of small branches on the ground but, so far at least, not a lot of larger ones. It’s getting winder even as I write this, though, so I’m not going to start picking them up until tomorrow, at the earliest. (Oh, wow, are the maple branches out my window ever being flung around as I write this!!!) The bird feeder was blown over when we got back and I put it back up again, only to have it blow over soon after. I’m leaving it for now, since there’s no point in putting it back up until things calm down.

Right now, we’re at 30C, with a “real feel” of 34C. We were supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, but now the predictions are for thunderstorms starting tomorrow afternoon. The weather system causing the winds right now has storms in it, too, but from the weather radar, they’re all going to pass to the north of us.

What a thing, to actually wish for storms to hit, just so we can get some rain!

The Re-Farmer

Current conditions – going up!

While working on my last post, my friend mentioned the weather conditions, so I paused to take a look.

29C, but feeling like 38C (that’s 84F and 100F, for you folks in the US), with 61% humidity!

No wonder going outside feels like walking into a wall of moist heat. That’s exactly what we’re doing!

Less than 2 hours later, I checked the conditions again. I got this screen capture just minutes ago.

The temperature is still going up! 30C (86F), feeling like 39C (102F).

The forecast over the next few days hasn’t changed (yet?). I’m driving my friend to the airport tomorrow, and we’re planning to go in early to play tourist a bit.

Somewhere with air conditioning.

We might be driving through thunderstorms!

Looks like I might be driving my mother through storms when I take her for a medical appointment in a few days, too.

At this point, a nice storm would be very welcome. More rain to cool things down and get that humidity out of the air, and into the ground!

Chances are, the storms are going to miss us again, but I’ll take the edge of a storm, too!

The Re-Farmer

Current Conditions

For the first time, I got an automated call on our land line, with a storm warning.

Looking at the radar, it still looks like the brunt of it will miss us – a town to the north of us looks like it’s going to be hit hard. Most of the warnings are for the south east of our province.

Earlier today, a big piece of tree behind the house came down – a tree right next to the 2 we had taken down earlier this year.

I am SO glad we were able to get that done!

The piece fell harmlessly on top and behind the pile of wood of the two we took down.

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting night…


The Re-Farmer

What happened to spring? (and update)

We had a lovely, if windy, day yesterday. With the snow mostly gone, I found something interesting in the remains of the straw bale we got to cover our septic tank.


These holes in the straw were all around it. They don’t go very deep. Clearly, small critters were taking advantage of the shelter it provided, but whatever they were, they had no interest in burrowing.

I’m glad it got used by critters that way. 🙂

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Cat Routine

What a day it is turning out to be, today!

It’s supposed to be the last colder day, today (which has since been extended another day). Though it’s supposed to warm up to -9C this afternoon, high winds are expected to make things chillier. Which has translated to a day with sunny skies and calm one minute, blustering snow and low visibility the next, then back again!


I just wanted to share this picture I took of Rolando Moon yesterday morning, before I took the video I posted yesterday. She was so funny, up on the bird feeder. She wouldn’t come down until I started adding more feed to the platform for the birds. 😀


It didn’t take her long to get back up again, and she spent quite a bit of time up there, watching the birds, deer and other cats, from on high.

After seeing Butterscotch’s condition yesterday, we kept checking out the bathroom window to see how she was doing. She stayed in there for much of the day, sitting on my late father’s favorite swing bench. At one point, she had 5 other cats all bundled around her!

I managed to get a picture of this, through the window.

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Mystery solved

I’m certainly glad I got the snow blowing around the house when I did! A bitter wind has reached us. When checking the weather early this morning, the temperature was a very mild -9C, but the wind chill was -32C!!! While doing my rounds, sections of the paths I’d made were already drifted over, and the deer feed I put out was soon covered as well. Most alarmingly were the sounds of creaking that I was able to narrow down to the willows in the south yard – the ones we need to cut away from the power lines.

I’m going to be very relieved, once we finally get those trees cut back!!!

Today, we even got severe weather warnings, due to expected wind chills tonight reaching -40C to -43C. The actual temperatures are only supposed to drop to about -28C tonight.

I’m really looking forward to this winter being over.

While we’ve been happily staying indoors and out of the wind, we had a bit of a mystery that we weren’t sure was even a mystery, solved!

We have another outside cat.

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