One down, more to go!

Well, the deed is done.

Little Susan had an appointment with the vet, yesterday, and she is now recovering from surgery!

Since we had to make sure to 1) have her available to take to the vet in the first place and 2) make sure she didn’t eat anything after 8pm the night before, we brought her into the house as quickly as we could catch her, the day before.

It’s not that she was actively trying to escape us. She just wasn’t interested in being picked up or anything.

Once inside, it was… interesting.

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Giving it a break right now.

I was finally able to upload my images and was working on a post about the storm and current conditions.

Then the power went out.

It has been off and on several times since. There are outages all over the south and central areas of the province, so we are doing much better than others.

The shut down killed my blog post, though. Not even the auto-save to draft remaining. After several times cutting out, I’ve just left the computer off and am just making this quick post on my phone, while I still can!

We are well and safe, though, and that’s what matters.


I am SO GLAD we got those trees cleared away from the power lines and roof. I don’t think I will ever stop being so relieved by that. Especially in conditions like we just had!!

The Re-Farmer

Speed test

I have been trying for days to upload images, with very little success. We have had no real problems going online. It is just uploading that is an issue.

This might be why. 😒

At one point, during the doors test, the upload speed dropped to 0.01mbps.

Also, it took a couple of tries to upload this from my phone, too.

The storm continues and is expected to, through the night. While shoveling this morning, I checked the satellite dishes, and they seem clear. The wind is from the north, so they are sheltered.

Time to stay cozy and warm inside!

The Re-Farmer

Making Waves

I’m still having difficulties uploading images, so I’ll have quite a bit of catch-up to do later. So far, I’ve been able to upload a few photos here and there, but not enough to do even one complete post with them! The rest of the family is having slow uploads on their machines, too, so it seems like it’s our internet, even though downloads seem to be unaffected.

For now.

The predicted snow and stormy weather has arrived. When I drove my daughter to work, we had some freezing rain, but just barely enough to feel it. We started to drive into snow the closer we got to town.

After dropping her off, I stopped by the lake to see the conditions. It took a while, but I was at least able to upload this video.

I was being pelted with freezing rain as I took this, so I didn’t stay out long. By the time I went from getting this video to getting to a gas station, just a few blocks away, the freezing rain had become blowing snow. On the drive home, I was heading right into the oncoming storm! Visibility was down to about 150 meters, if that.

As I write this, the winds seem to be doing down – at least for a little while. It’s supposed to continue snowing through tomorrow, then be rain and snow on Saturday. By Sunday, it should clear up. Which is good, because we are having Thanksgiving dinner that day with my old brother; we’ll get to finally meet their first grandson! I certainly hope the highways are good, because they’re driving in from out of province. 😦 Looking at the weather radar, this storm system is coming almost straight up from the US, so they should be clear for most of their drive. Unfortunately, the most severe part of the system looks like it’ll pass over the city. My brother’s place may get some of that, too. While they may not get the worst of it, they’re definitely going to get hit harder than we are. My nephew and his family will have to drive through that to get to my brother’s.

After this, things will start to warm up a bit and I expect that, locally at least, the snow will not stay. Which is good, because we still have some winterizing to do out there!

The Re-Farmer


Things have been pretty hectic, the past couple of days. First, with our trip to the city hospital for the angiogram, which went very well (and my husband is recovering very well, too, though he’s still not supposed to lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for a while longer), then we took advantage of what seems like will be our last day of warm weather for the rest of the year, and got stuff done outside.

Which means I have lots of photos to up load and several posts to write.

I have not, however, been able to upload photos. For some reason, my uploads are failing, and I’ve been trying repeatedly, for hours. One two different accounts and two different browsers.

I can’t eve blame it on our internet connection, which seems to be fine. It may be a WordPress issue. I can’t tell.

Meanwhile, the severe weather predicted has been increasing in severeness, and the timeline has been shortening. We went from predictions of snow tomorrow (Thursday), to snow starting tonight and blizzard conditions for Friday and Saturday, to getting weather alerts right now saying to expect up to 25cm (almost 10 inches) of snow tonight. However, when I look at the local forecasts, it says to expect 3cm tonight and up to 4cm tomorrow, with a mix of rain and snow.

One thing is for sure, we’ve got the winds!! As I’ve looked out my office window throughout the day, I’ve been watching the maples getting stripped of their leaves.

Whatever snow we do get, if any, it’s still early enough that we could expect it go be gone soon. I certainly hope so, because I still need to get some straw to cover our septic tank before it freezes. Technically, for the type of tank we have, it isn’t necessary, but I’m not about to take any chances! At least we got it emptied yesterday, so we’re set for another 6 months.

So if posts are a bit light over the next while, it’s because I still can’t upload my photos, or the weather has kicked out our internet! I’ll just have a lot of posts to make up for it, when I’m able. 🙂

Wherever you are, I hope you’ve got better conditions than we do right now! 🙂

The Re-Farmer


The girls and I were able to get out for a wonderful visit with my older brother today. We had a fantastic time, and we got a tour of their yard, including the hundreds of new trees they planted!

Gotta love having a big enough yard to be able to do something like that. 😀

Blue Spruce tips

This picture is of one of their blue spruces that they planted years ago, looking nice and healthy, in spite of the dryness. What a difference it makes when something is planted with planning and care! At least some of the blue spruce I have found here would have been planted at about the same time, give or take a year or two, and should be looking more like this. Hopefully, with the clearing I’ve done, the surviving ones will recover.

Of course, the RCMP called me back after we left. I wasn’t expecting a follow up call so soon! The officer is going to call again this evening, so I’m staying near the phone now.

It’s been one heck of a day, outside. While there were high winds at my brother’s, the winds are even higher here at home. I’ve already done a check around the yard. There are lots of small branches on the ground but, so far at least, not a lot of larger ones. It’s getting winder even as I write this, though, so I’m not going to start picking them up until tomorrow, at the earliest. (Oh, wow, are the maple branches out my window ever being flung around as I write this!!!) The bird feeder was blown over when we got back and I put it back up again, only to have it blow over soon after. I’m leaving it for now, since there’s no point in putting it back up until things calm down.

Right now, we’re at 30C, with a “real feel” of 34C. We were supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, but now the predictions are for thunderstorms starting tomorrow afternoon. The weather system causing the winds right now has storms in it, too, but from the weather radar, they’re all going to pass to the north of us.

What a thing, to actually wish for storms to hit, just so we can get some rain!

The Re-Farmer

Current conditions – going up!

While working on my last post, my friend mentioned the weather conditions, so I paused to take a look.

29C, but feeling like 38C (that’s 84F and 100F, for you folks in the US), with 61% humidity!

No wonder going outside feels like walking into a wall of moist heat. That’s exactly what we’re doing!

Less than 2 hours later, I checked the conditions again. I got this screen capture just minutes ago.

The temperature is still going up! 30C (86F), feeling like 39C (102F).

The forecast over the next few days hasn’t changed (yet?). I’m driving my friend to the airport tomorrow, and we’re planning to go in early to play tourist a bit.

Somewhere with air conditioning.

We might be driving through thunderstorms!

Looks like I might be driving my mother through storms when I take her for a medical appointment in a few days, too.

At this point, a nice storm would be very welcome. More rain to cool things down and get that humidity out of the air, and into the ground!

Chances are, the storms are going to miss us again, but I’ll take the edge of a storm, too!

The Re-Farmer

Current Conditions

For the first time, I got an automated call on our land line, with a storm warning.

Looking at the radar, it still looks like the brunt of it will miss us – a town to the north of us looks like it’s going to be hit hard. Most of the warnings are for the south east of our province.

Earlier today, a big piece of tree behind the house came down – a tree right next to the 2 we had taken down earlier this year.

I am SO glad we were able to get that done!

The piece fell harmlessly on top and behind the pile of wood of the two we took down.

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting night…


The Re-Farmer