So much for predictions


It seems that every morning, when I check the weather, the cold snap keeps getting pushed further and further into the upcoming days. We should have been in the low -20s and high minus teens by now, but instead I woke up to -31C with a wind chill of -42C, and the cold is now supposed to continue through Monday. Last Monday, it was supposed to extend until today, then start warming up.


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Let it snow

Whoops. I started a draft with this screen capture on my phone, then moved to my desktop to finish it – only to find the WordPress app on my phone published it instead of leaving it in draft.

Ah, well.

As you can see, our temperatures have plummeted overnight, and that wind chill is pretty nasty! I’m happy to say, however, that this is no longer accurate. The Weather Network says we are -24C, with a wind chill of -37C, and we will continue to warm up. Over the next while, we should be in the low -20s and high minus teens.

One thing about living in the boonies. The weather is a much more serious subject than when we were living in the city, where even if we couldn’t get out ourselves, we could get things like groceries and even prescriptions delivered, is absolutely necessary!

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What the… (updated)

Okay. I have to admit. I have never seen this before.

The -37 is the coldest I can remember, but -54????

I’d put off the monthly shop to tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be just as cold.

Not looking forward to going out there. 😦

The Re-Farmer

Update: we decided not to go into the city today. The girls were willing, but we only have one vehicle, and I can’t justify risking it in this cold. We rely on it too much.

Fun times…

Okay, I’m being only slightly sarcastic with that title… 😉

The cold snap continues, and is supposed to continue for about a week.


The above picture was taken a few days ago, on the last milder day, just before we headed into town to get to the pharmacy before the weather got worse. The camera automatically cleans up the image, so the visibility was actually poorer than it appears in the picture.

Right now, we have a cloudless sky. It’s bright and clear and…

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Check out the windchill…

Weather app screen cap.

And yet, the warning at the bottom says that the cold wave is starting tomorrow.

If -30C doesn’t mean the cold snap has already started, I don’t think I’m looking forward to tomorrow at all! As it is, we’re supposed to hit temperatures of -28C tonight, and wind chills of -39C.

Also, I’m really glad we went into town for the pharmacy today, instead of waiting until tomorrow! It was getting bad when my daughter and I left, but by the time we got out of the pharmacy, visibility had dropped significantly, and we ended up going 80kph all the way home in a 100kph zone – and so did all the other traffic on the road!

Time to turtle for the next few days.

The Re-Farmer

It’s a bit breezy out there

I took this screen shot at about noon. That was two hours ago.

It is currently -17C, with a “RealFeel” of -31C.

I’m glad I thought to check the temperatures before I headed out this morning, as the beautiful sunny day made it seem deceptively pleasant out there. And it was – on the south side of the house. As soon as I came around the corner to put out deer and bird feed, I got blasted with the wind from the north. It was blowing the deer feed away, as I poured it out of my bucket! At that time, it was -16C with a wind chill of -30C.

Which kind of changes my plans for the day.

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Had a snow-down – and I won!

Happy 6th day of Christmas!

Things have not gone as planned, thanks to some rather unfortunate weather. We were supposed to go into the city for a family gathering yesterday. We drove maybe 5 minutes on the highway, before turning around and coming home. Blowing snow, icy roads, poor visibility… and knowing it would be worse when we were driving home in the dark. Too risky. Maybe if we had a 4 wheel drive and winter tires, but not with our van.

We didn’t have a lot of snow, but it did get to the point that we needed to clear the driveway. Which meant time to break out the snow blower for the first time! 😀

Except, of course, it wouldn’t start…

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