Snow cats!

It’s feeling a bit surreal right now. The snow is still falling and it’s bright, if overcast, outside, so I keep thinking we’re in the middle of the afternoon in winter. But it’s spring right now, the days are longer, and it’s actually past 7:30 in the evening as I write this.

I headed outside to top up the kibble for the cats and had to push the sun room door open, because of the snow drifted against it. I ended up shoveling it clear, along with the space between the cat shelters, and just kept on going.

I didn’t do all that much. I cleared the path from the sun room door to the main entry, which was also partially blocked with snow. I cleared the steps, but only part of the patio blocks. There is a pile of snow at the “corner” beside the elm tree and I kept having to push the top of it further into the yard, because the snow I was shoveling was falling back onto the path I was clearing.

From there, I just cleared the path to the gate. The rest can wait until tomorrow.

The cats clearly liked what I was doing . Every time I cleared a new spot, I’d turn around and find a cat in it!

Except Gooby.

Gooby actually climbed my back while I was shoveling, then clung to my shoulder like a monkey! When I stopped to take the other picture, he crawled around between my phone and my face. That boy does love humans!!

The snow on that path to the house is not drifted. Plus, with how much the older snow had melted away from the path, it is also not accumulated snow. That’s all fresh along the edges of the blocks. It looks like we got more snow than was predicted for our area – that’s looking like 8 or 10 inches (20-25cm). I’ve heard that one area got as much as 35cm (almost 14 inches) today!

Thankfully, we are well stocked and don’t have to go anywhere for a few days!

The Re-Farmer


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