Y’know, if the weather forecasts are going to be wrong and constantly changing, it’d be really nice if things would go in the other direction.

Instead, we’re getting this for tonight.

Wind chills of -40 to -45C (-40 to 49F) to overnight???

Granted, this is a province wide warning that applies only to the south, and we’re central. Looking at the local forecasts, I’m seeing predictions of a continual drop until it reaches -29C/-20F by 8am tomorrow morning, with wind chills of -39C/-38F.

It’s not much better than the weather warning, but I’ll take what I can get!

I’m glad my daughter reminded me to plug the van in. I just wish we were able to get that ceramic terrarium heat bulb set up in the sun room, but the fixture we were using with the old bulb isn’t working anymore. We don’t have any other fixture we can safely set up in there.

The high of the day is supposed to be -26C/-15F starting around 2pm. From then on, even the overnight lows are expected to be a bit warmer than that. By Sunday, we’re supposed to reach -4C/25F, and Monday, when I’m supposed to be driving my mother to her medical appointment, it’s supposed to be -7C/19F.

Assuming the forecasts don’t change again.

The Re-Farmer


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