Welcome to March!

Can you believe this??? These are the temperatures, screencapped just minutes before I started this post. That's right. We're at -28C/-18F with a wind chill of -32C/-26F. Actually, the wind chill was reading at -35C/-31F when I did the (short version!) morning rounds! I only saw Potato Beetle when I opened the sun room. Not … Continue reading Welcome to March!

Wasn’t it supposed to get warmer today??

Yesterday, we never reached the predicted high of the day, though we did come close. Today, it looks to be much the same. So much for starting to warm up! It was -33C, with a wind chill of -39C (-27F and -38F) when I headed out. That didn't stop the cats from being out and … Continue reading Wasn’t it supposed to get warmer today??

It’s wicked out there! (updated)

Nostrildamus is not impressed. Once again, none of the cats were in their cat house, and I wish I knew why. They were all looking like poor Nosy, here, covered in frost and looking miserable! Amazingly, though, Nosy is in a warm spot, here. When I picked him up, his fur actually felt warm, from … Continue reading It’s wicked out there! (updated)